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Best football player
it was obviously matt le tissier, and to be fair, probably still is.
weed a drug?
everything is a drug and everything is addictive. caffeine, nicotine, computer games, alcohol, weed, sugar, heroin, porn, whatever. my friend has a serious addiction to raisins. it can literally be an...
Impossible vs Binary Dragons
arent BD some of the team that once lost to a girl team?
big look like the queue at the jobcentre
dreamchasers vs Defusekids
this tournament is a joke letting emilio play
Thooorin Autismo?
if you think trump is great then you need your head introducing to a bullet.
Thooorin Autismo?
you are from donald trump land, you cant say anything about us...
You quit Cs?
Denmark vs Belgium
at least people stopped asking him where their lessons were?
Best footballer in your country?
for me its still vardy atm, but i am biased as a leicester fan. from the past, gary lineker, and also matt le tissier but he was from guernsey i think :P
Best footballer in your country?
litmanen was a great player in his day, we know him here cos he had a couple of spells in england, but he was very good!
CS:GO is dying ?! Oppinions
yes for sure its dying, but valve killed their own game, so yeah.
i quit gaming and hltv
gib skins
fallen finally exposed
'nip is hacking' 'fnatic is hacking' 'sk is hacking' over the years these 3 teams in their dominant times have all been accused, and never proved to be true. i dont think any of these teams were hacki...
new inferno?
yeeeaaahhh, was my favourite map in the old days!