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-xizt + shox
smithz can replace robban as coach, ez
Casters, desk and HLTV stupid af
It littearly always says on the match if its "elimination match" or winner, semi, quarter, final ++++ Open your eyes. And on stream they always says something like "this is where their journey ends" ...
NA shooter again...
Fun fact: only 23% of the people that gets shot/killed in the USA by police are black.... Its the media making it out to be 100% but in reality there is a lot more white dudes getting killed then bla...
Great Danes vs NOREG
NiP, Fnatic,Godsent swap ideas?
I like ur list, but i think mine is better ;) Fnatic: f0rest BARBARR (IGL) Because i think xist just isnt good enough and sweden lack good IGL's so giving BB a chance. draken flusha KRIMZ NiP: GeT_R...
Oscar LUL
"I have a couple cheat devs that have coded similar clients for tier 3-4 teams that you see very often on the HLTV match page and I have discussed this with them at length." Then goes on to talk abou...
Yup and they are blind people who cant see the stadiums with 10k people give or take. 10k in a stadium can prbly be compared with 500k twitch viewers in value :p But on a sidenote i do think they are...
Braindead kid, he littearly top fragd 2nd game with 30frags lol. "4v5" tonight /facepalm
If Zues joins back to NaVi
Diginitas/north winning Epicenter last year, they were barley a tier1 team at the time. So its also happend before :) And yeah gambit won austin and winter. Not a tier 1 event but still. There were so...
If Zues joins back to NaVi
Funny with kids. "Never" They just one the biggest tier1 event. What makes you think tier1 teams wont suck/play bad/not prepared again at an event? Making room for gambit to win yet again, They are 1...
fxy0 IS NOT GOOD, jesus people nowdays. He was a top 20 french player back in the day and that was before awp update and all that shit. His barl...
Holy shit, they actually responded. "Testing in may" fingers crossed they get that shit rolling soon!!! :)))
Have friends, just not people whos good enough to play high elo faceit...... Or willing to play a lot. If you have some 10k hours csgo geeks, pass on their information and ill suck their dicks for so...
20min que time and not many good players on there. Only reason why i havent jumpd over earlier.