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Michael Mann
decorated climatologist, says shits fucked:

Professor Jem Bendell
says shits fucked:
short version:
long version:

Dr. Peter Carter who frequents climate panels and acts as an advisor to the IPCC

Anthony Ingraffea, fracking whistleblower
says that fracking methane emission are 4X higher than reported, and will cause 2° C warming (catastrophic) to be locked-in by 2030 or earlier

If we do not drastically reduce our emissions within 5 years, society might collapse 2040:

Sixth mass extinction study

Climate change out of control study
(runaway climate change that might make the planet inhabitable could well be within reach of just 2° warming)


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PM harrassment by nerd?
paging /u/JonathanE. NOW
PM harrassment by nerd?
how do i block on hltv?
PC Experts come here pls
PC Experts come here pls
no more replies from you, since I fucking refuted all the dumb shit you threw at me. instead you have to spam my PMs now. fucking loser
PC Experts come here pls
also, just to make that clear, the measurement accounts for boost. this is full load like I said. the 9900K under full load (aka turbo boost) only goes up to 200W. so again, you can satisfy that more ...
GuardiaN argues with HLTV users
PC Experts come here pls
/open 1. yes 2. +3. always depends on current tech and currently, Ryzens are superior in cost efficiency and more futureproof. as for GPUs yes its mostly nvidia leading the field with the 2070S. /clos...
PC Experts come here pls
I didnt go by TDP or whatever, I checked power consumption measurements from tests, and those are all under FULL LOAD.
PC Experts come here pls
and my point is you are wrong, you have plenty of leeway with this setup with 550W ( Inever talked about 500...) both now and if you choose to upgrade GPU in the future. this double GPU shit is not go...
PC Experts come here pls
in germany you can easily find someone to do it for you for free.
PC Experts come here pls
yes, you are the only studied IT expert and hardware enthusiast who accounts for those. also noone assumes they will add a 2nd GPU. literally noone.
PC Experts come here pls
it cost you more time than needed, if you had more generous cable length/extentions it would have been easier I guess
PC Experts come here pls
what extra components? noone fucking needs extra components. maybe another SSD which takes 1 additional watt.
PC Experts come here pls
the limit is 440, not 415. and turboboost will not increase power consumption excessively. so with boost activated, maybe you are on the limit. which is not a problem whatsoever. you want me to do mo...
PC Experts come here pls
I already wrote to you about overclocking. it is not cost efficient to do so with such high default clocks and only relevant for enthusiasts right now. and the default overclocking aka turboboost is w...