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Overrated players (all time)
They will find a way to get him there lol
Overrated players (all time)
And yet there was that major victory for C9...
who knows the reason behind it, but teams have to make moves when Astralis is just that far ahead of everyone else...
every win in relevant...oh nvm Brazil. That explains it
better than watching mibr suck in quarters...
2019 top1 player
I think Sergej will be top 5 in 2-3 years not next year. And there will be no crying. I like ENCE :)
2019 top1 player
Zywoo maybe...sergej NO
1.)s1mple 2.)Xyp9x 3.)gla1ve
Think he will get top 10. My guess would be around 7-8
1.)s1mple 2.)Xyp9x 3.)gla1ve
You made it that far? I got to #1
S1mple/dev1ce top 1 strawpoll
Both players fit their teams right now, but if you are talking #1 player in the doubt it is s1mple. He is the best right now and is only getting better. Idc about team achievements much. T...
s1 & devve
And that would happen lol
Device overrated?
How does being the 4th most impactful player on your team in the final make him the outright #1? He didn't even deserve the major MVP. Dupree owned that tournament and had it stolen and Glaive deserve...
Glaive deserved MVP
kennyS & FalleN
I thought they won some small tournament?
all in on s1mple to get 1st?
HLTV will give it to Device even though Simple is clearly the best player in the world by far. No one could do what he has with the team he has. The team was losing badly and he was still picking up M...