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#8 - KennyS
but your name isn't VeryNiceOpinion :)
zywoo BANNED
So Bendji kills a guy in CT spawn. Zywoo when going to ebox sees the guy peek from heaven. Second guy just missed and got killed. Bendji vs. Zywoo. He checked spawn and then checked ivy and he was the...
REZ "We deserve major more than CIS teams"
So you are telling me SS, Flash, CIS teams will put on a better show than NIP could? NIP could compete and beat these teams. Asia/CIS qualifiers really stand no chance at all. That is really the only ...
Csgo top 10 players
If Elige made 12th, I have faith Simple will be Top 5 and so will KennyS. I think Fallen will be 6th due to the terrible slump he was having in the middle of the year. I would not be surprised if the ...
what move did pronax make?
So basically same as always
Major Final
I am predicting we see this match in the semi-finals because that is usually what happens. Best 2 teams will play each other and finals will be easy win for whoever
Astralis Device
I would love to see SK without Cold. They definitely wouldn't be where they are now without him. Stop being so brain dead
Should TACO be in top20?
better than TACO lol
SK 1000 points
Which we know is nowhere near true lol
Deadly duo
I'll take get_right and forest
most iconic caster reaction?
this one was awesome and my favorite hands down
REAL TOP 20 2017
+1 Simple could be Top 3 based on his own stats, but we know HLTV doesn't rank just on personal achievements, but also team for some reason
REAL TOP 20 2017
I would be shocked to not see KennyS in the top 5/6. Fallen is so overrated on here as a player. Yes he is the best IGL imo, but he was not doing well early in the year. SK was in a huge slump at the ...
HLTV TOP 20 Players | 2017
Kenny at 14...stopped looking