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It is NTC.........calm down and do it against real competition at REAL LANs
-styko when??
They will keep him as long as SK kept Taco...
Navi disband pls
Because they cannot win anything... Simple has to carry them to finals and semi-finals and then they run into teams that exploit the other members
Flamie peeked on 3 rounds when they have a man advantage and died on all of them. I am so sad for Simple
Just another kid thinking this stuff is funny and then trying to video the cops for some kind of lawsuit. People just have no brain
BRAZIL ez WC win
BRAZIL ez WC win
Forgot Portugal...
BRAZIL ez WC win
you forgot Hope Solo
And he said he wants to be IGL
John Wick clutch plays
I feel like I just watched silvers being silvers...
Coldzera >>> S1mple
So if simple is overrated, why did SK try to get him from Na'Vi? Because Fallen knows Coldzera is not as good and they needed simple. Instead, they got stewie to mess with C9 lol...what a trade off ri...
Astralis #1 Deserved
I am confused how mouse dropped so far...
Wasn't he named by S1mple on the rankings? I cannot remember though
FNS in C9
I disagree because now Tarik steps into that role and Tarik is better than Stewie right now. And now they will have actual strategies with FNS IGL. C9 will be better imo
FNS in C9
C9 won a major because of how the players were playing. Just like when Gambit won their major. C9 was playing out of their minds and deserved to win, but Tarik is better used if he can frag and not wo...