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Nexus vs
Nvm. English must not be your first language and you cannot comprehend. It is not an eco at all with an awp. GG you do not know CSGO. Go back to PUBG with byali and VP
Nexus vs
your argument has no point then...the awp got 3 kills lol. And if there is an awp it is not a full eco
Nexus vs
awp is now an eco gun?
It is called they are making finals and playoffs consistently when others teams are winning a tournament and then going out in groups lol
If you have Shox and KennyS able to play their game, they would be one of the best if not the best duos in CSGO. I don't like the Smithzz move, but to get an IGL and let Shox be Shox would be an impro...
s1mple wesg
Streaming and relaxing compared to competitive play... I am sure this is much more relaxing than he would have been carrying people again
I´ll guess your favorite CSGO map
Good try, but so far off :( You are a liar
I´ll guess your favorite CSGO map
Wtf G2?
Mixwell has said many times that he does not want to awp. He said that way back in Optic
-flusha -krimz
How do people fall for these horrible baits? I will give you credit OP. You brought all the real dumbasses out in this thread. You were so obvious and yet still got people. +1
So 4 MVPs and carrying his team and he is not good enough anymore? Please explain
You can nuke 5 countries
For a second, I thought I was the only person to get this joke
Ty TaZ
Did he mention newfag?
if torqued win a map vs sk
haha...this should not happen
REAL TOP 10 AWPERS is debatable lol