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IMT new info today
So what I am reading is...they lied to get into the USA and are now paying the price? Sounds legit to me!
IMT new info today
That could work but DreamHack isn't that great of an event anyways...imo
How to fix IMMORTALS
Or not invest $20mil. into Overwatch like people have said...
How to fix IMMORTALS
Or they can just disband because they will never accomplish anything in csgo. You can tell Noah doesn't care. He wants $1 million for the trio, but won't pay for Maluk3 and trk...
Why NiP is 9 in ranking??
Really?...this conversation is over already lol
Why NiP is 9 in ranking??
Who below them should be higher? Gambit has not done anything since the major and have not been even close to where they were for the major..fnatic is meh
Astralis k0nfig
#1 PLAYER 2017
I would bet KennyS because of the MVPs and the teams being equal with each other throughout the year, but will not be surprised if Niko or Cold are above him. I do not think Cold is #1 this year
FaZe is a JOKE
I would say something, but people already made you look stupid
Valve does majors wrong
Majors are what really matters and are priority. Even though VP has been bad lately, they earned the right to play in the major and not have to qualify. Your logic is so flawed. People EARNED the spot...
Valve does majors wrong
Well said +1 Orgs should not control the spot
Astralis vs Liquid
Considering they have beaten SK lately and Gambit is in a slump and only playing decently but not great...yes they would And Faze was the other qualifier and would be in the other group which means t...
FaZe 14-0
FaZe 14-0
So where you from then? :P