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They just try to hide: its a throw XD But cmon, it was enough. Let it happen finally
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
hope sec map will be closer, its sooo fckin boriiiiiiing... :"D
Isurus vs INTZ
to be honest yeah throw says too much at forums, but its happens not that rarely. I mean seriously situation when team dont care about match or just money talks.
Spirit vs PRIDE
yeah it made my eyes n brain bleedin XD this gosh
Spirit vs PRIDE
yeah he did that situation like an idiot, it was what i tried to say :) pride made their own lose, not spirit was that good at all.
Spirit vs PRIDE
i saw it. The fckin moment when bomb was under pland and pride guy had 2 fckin sec to freekill planter, but no...and it was a 2v1 lose in this way... :D at MM you can see more professional things like...
Spirit vs PRIDE
and this piece of shit was a "grand final" :D joke event XD
BIG vs Wololos
Big is shit as fock jesus XD
Space Soldiers vs Wololos
im not surprised kiddo coming up to attack with flag :) we dont have any normal CS team, and then? How it came for this theme, kiddo? :) /btw without balls to show own flag easy to talk ;) /
Space Soldiers vs Wololos
T1 player mixwell...laugh asf
GODSENT vs North Academy
and now north ac. beat godsent to makes it typical random BO1 CS :D
GODSENT vs Ukraine
sweet 3x odds, yehaa
North Academy vs Endpoint
more like 16-4. lul
North Academy vs Endpoint
RIP 16-0 dream :(
North Academy vs Endpoint
north academy "hm they almost raped godsent at overpass....lets show them, we can do it better!" denied :D