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S1mple ass licker
Fallen owned Simple in a brilliant manner lol
Oskar back in Mouz
lol idiots
Should VP retire? That was their best chance
Downhill ahead. Mark my words. they are in their peak shape since Katowice'14. Maybe they hit the final in the next big event, but thats it.
Pasha Retire pls Cant shoot with awp cant shoot with M4 never winning Clutches only eco kills
who will replace him? the rest of polish scene are even shittier that Pasha.
TaZ cocky
sore loser
all are T1 except for Gambit. T1 teams are CONSISTENTLY better than T2 teams. Is it hard to understand? These kids with tier ranking threads are so stupid...
Poland t2 country soon
you are smart))) but i talk about future not past
Poland t2 country soon
it automatically means all the players will perform at top level throughout these years.
Poland t2 country soon
it doesn't change much
Poland t2 country soon
Rusians in mm.
can confirm :) works 100% with any russian
Rusians in mm.
lel it feels like im stuck in MM with "typical" russki. the ones you were whining about
hiko was better on last tournaments. with more flashier frags and key clutches
Rusians in mm.
it seems u didnt get my point you whine about russians being uneducated trash but you're acting like trash yourself ignoring this site rules. if you want changes, start with yourself m8.
Rusians in mm.
Russian at his finest: calls russian nation and community trash doesn't give a fck and speak russian on english speaking site You want russians to behave in civilized way and follow accepted stan...