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Pregnant woman stabbed in German hospital
+1 But some ppl like to live in denial and call fake on everything rather then take 5 sec to google. No wonder the world is turning to shit lol.
Rip Sweden
+1 lol
Rip Sweden
actually wtf
leeeez go, preloading rn
ChrisJ brother?
Pita as Coach
bringing back Pita was a really bad decision, stealing from that charity thing and acting like nothing.. just hope Pita gets replaced asap because I can't cheer for a team that have a guy like that. ...
X-mas present for gf?
A very tiny vibrator so she could pleasure herself while still being reminded about you xd
X-mas present for gf?
lol xD
Top3 Best CS:GO teams and eras
They are the current era, and serious #1 rn. FaZe is up there, but nowhere on the same level as a fully working team.
f*ck flusha
+1 some people seems to think flusha gave them all the money to be able to attend the event, but the most came from the brazil community.. but still nice from flusha, but not like he was the dealbrea...
Top3 Best CS:GO teams and eras
SK current era > Fnatic era
save dennis
+1 they got the firepower, but their decisions during some games and when they are gonna close the games are time to time horrible. And they often fail on rounds against pistols and limited force-buys...
save dennis
Doubt it would've been cheap considering they were playing under fnatic, and fnatic would've wanted a sweet amount for them to leave. And during 2016 NiP still won 3 events with 250k$ prizepools so it...
save dennis
I think he would rethink it if that offer really happend.. he either continue play with dogsent, or igl in nip with f0rest, gtr, rez and draken.