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Finland vs Canada final
Yeah, especially considering Canada were less than a second away from losing to Switzerland. But it will likely be a very tough match. But I'm rooting for Finland to win tbh, they work as a true team ...
5G is bad?
Source? not that I don't believe it, but never read much about it
Cleganebowl was awesome, and even tho Daenerys plot becoming mad feels rushed it's still okay. Considering they have no books to go after anymore (ever since Season 5 or 6?) I can't feel too pissed ...
GoT season 8 ep 5 spoilers
yeah pretty damn accurate
GoT s08e05 leak
+1 this
Yeah except the big difference is that Murphy worked for the airforce, where things needed to be made fully correct. Whatever entrance someone makes into a classroom doesn't matter. Nobody will really...
WTF at a Pub..
So true, and I'd ask for a divorce as well. And what you're saying about the kid is true as well since it's never his/her fault and then shouldn't have to suffer for any shit that their parents did. ...
WTF at a Pub..
There's even some pregnant girls going to the club. So going to the Pub is not a big deal, especially if they don't drink anything themselves. But it's a lot worse with those that dont really give a s...
WTF at a Pub..
Yeah I thought about that later. Didn't recognize any of them and at that moment my mind was more about how fked up their conversation was than trying to figure out any of their name.
Best movie?
"in any order" Then edgar wright shouldn't be on that list. I enjoyed the shaun of the dead and pilgrim movie (actually great and fun) but he's nowhere near the other you listed tbh.
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
LUL except he wasn't, why do people think he was? because he was white male? lol If anything he was into norse paganism.
Strange smells you like
Nah cigarettes smells awful, epecially when they smoke indoors..
danish billionaire
So what countries are the best according to you?
Sri lanka
fucking heartbreaking, and what makes me even more mad is how silent many media stations are about this (compared to many other attacks that has happened)..