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WTF at a Pub..
this as well: Damn there's plenty of them on youtube, no idea how I've missed that
WTF at a Pub..
LUL didn't know there was a show about this
WTF at a Pub..
Just read this "Nationwide statistics report as many as 30% of fathers unknowingly support and raise children who are not biologically theirs." But those stats show everything from 2% but it could b...
"leaked" lul Both sides will lose a lot of men. But Dany will fail to bring down Cersei. And instead Cersei have a chance to kill Dany but then Euron kill Cersei since he know the kid doesn't belong...
GAME OF THRONES sums it up pretty much xd
Jamie and Brienne
true , took them long enough
WTF at a Pub..
+1 so true men
WTF at a Pub..
or find a nice girl so this dont happen
Something like this looks more correct: Seen many tattoos where the artist doesn't make the letter "n" exactly correct which makes it look like a mix between the two i...
You're correct about the letter "n" tho, it's not exactly correct written. Should be more like this:
MIBR will win !
mibr are going in very confident to this match and they are on fire, maybe close games but they are going to win this coldzera and taco back together so they are playing great again
ENCE won't 2-0 Astralis
Astralis wont make the finals, MIBR vs ENCE
MIBR will win !
yes astralis is going down, finally their era ends
GTR and forest are the true legends of cs
But still choke on majors
true true