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and only 60 fps? what the fuck are you playing on?
-UFC is scripted-
interviews and pr are scripted. but the fights aren't, stop believing everything you read on the internet
help with life.
Nice grammar fuckboy. If you had stayed abit longer in school, you'd have gotten a better job and be less "borred".
R8 hot girl
she's got a bigger forehead than someone actually going bald... sweden for you >.<
how are those heavy ass audis superior to bmw lmao... I guess it depends on what you plan to do with it...blasting some hardstyle while cruising down the highway with your window open ;)? Same kind o...
¨wtf are those stripes luul, sweet ride tho
S1mple doesnt carre about his fans
dude, if you're going to fakeflag Luxembourg, at least use proper english. We don't have illiterate fucks over here.
Mia Khalifa
dream about? She is (to me) a hilarious person on twitter and cute lookwise. These are facts in my case, so I'm not sure what you're on about, but I guess that's abit too much brainwork for you buddy
Mia Khalifa
fair point, while I've not watched one of her pornmovies (yet), I've followed her twitter for a while. That's what I was talking about :'D And she's cute lookwise? Not sure how that thought bothers yo...
Mia Khalifa
I like mia, she's actually quite hilarious and imo kinda cute
got accepted @ 5 universities with criminology
I knooow. They're demanding more and more law degrees in crimesectors. So if you want to have as many doors open as you can, it's smth to consider. But I'll also tell you, from experience, don't ev...
got accepted @ 5 universities with criminology
actually he's not wrong. If you want to take proper advantage of your criminology studies, do a follow up of 2 years in law. It will be worth it.