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-draken +??
Draken bhop god vs NiP
Esea is down, pugs, official matches, nothing works
karrigan scum
tactical genius clapping at a pause
How many mouses,keyboards,computer did u destroy
1 Mouse 1 ps2 disk of an old game 1 door (the glass parts of an entry to a building door lol)
Forest leaves
Will this old meme happen already? f0rest quits -friberg -allu +swedish igl? or shuffle with get_right and xist as a fragger instead of an igl
HELP weight loss motivation
I have checked calculators with the amount of sports I do (which is not much, I work bodyweight 3 times a week and there's 1 hour of tennis each week) I probably burn around 2100-2200 from what I've ...
HELP weight loss motivation
Motivation is something that comes and goes. Anyway, for me, after reading this book and understanding how simple it is, I have started to eat as clean as I can but in a calories deficit (I did too m...
Can I actually get to play against globals in free faceit?
HELP weight loss motivation
It's not like those meme diet books, give it a read. If you know everything "how and when i need to eat" why can't you eat at a calorie deficit and lose weight? this is not about motivation really
HELP weight loss motivation
Read the book The Hacker's Diet: it's free.
IMDB message boards will be shutting down in a few days
Haven't you heard of image boards? instead of imdb go to /tv/
NiP fix
It doesn't seem like they even practice (individually and as a team) getting rekt in aim duels and in strats
$200 on NAVI
How can you bet now when csgolounge is not working anymore?
NiP vs Heroic
Yeah I found it finally what a horrible streaming platform >when google can't buy out a competitor
NiP vs Heroic
Where can you watch this?