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24/7 live carrot stream
Talking about Hltv account. You were supposed to change hltv account, and comment on that. See, I know you mf. dont try.
24/7 live carrot stream
NT RETARD! You didnt change account.
thank mr VP
What did you say? Easy 2-0 VP. now.. well, You know..
thank mr VP I guess it looks something like this
thank mr VP
All i see is 1-0 to VP atm. Are you some kind of time traveling monkey?
thank mr VP
Mr.Monkey, You speak quite early yourself. get fucking rekt.
You know.. He also loses subs everyday. He ain't no big time streamer. get the fuck outta here moe fanboy..
Hockey FANS
No. You did not. Weak game as usual for the Swedes against Canada, Apparantly it's in our genetics to shit our pants when playing Canada in Junior World Championship semis. Gz to the gold though.
Hockey FANS
I guess Sweden winning the Olympic games and placing 2nd in the past 3 OG is not impactful. Were you born.. yesterday? and yes somehow your comment triggered me.
Hockey FANS
No doubt about that, Hockey is your religion.
Maikelele: "With me NiP should have been qualified"
Maikelele is a kebab himself, he even lives in the kebab city of Sweden. He's a VIP in a place called Kebabhuset. But you're telling me he dont eat kebab? nt nignog.
Why is EU so gay?
Niggah please.. You wouldn't dare to spit on any1.. unless if you're with all your cousins. pussy.
Narcos 2nd season
BOOOOOM Confirmed! But as you said, Wagne...
Narcos 2nd season
Yea with Javier Pena vs Cali Cartel, without the true story, story.. :D
Narcos 2nd season
I'm just sad that it wont be a 3rd season! Why did Escobar have to die..