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I loss almost everytime, but still playing this game and I dont know, why ?!?!?!?!
who can stop astralis???
Only fnatic from 2015 can do something againts them, but after 4 or 6 months they will lose motivation and start to choke again.
forsaken new video
looooool Look it his teammate face, he was like: " Wow nice cheat" :D hasdhahdahahsashdahs
Counter Strike 1.5
I remember still 1.3 scoreboard
Russia school shooting
For sure he is a muslum.
karrigan is problem
He is a good player, but has no skills like an igl, thats why Astralis won a Major after kicked him and Faze choked againts Cloud 9.
Brits in MM - Worst?
I always mute them, because when they hear my accent and my "london",they start to flame me: " retard from East Eu, get education, learn english... bla bla....." :D
Russians in CS:GO
WEe are happy, that the turkish CS GO - community is not so massive like the russians. Even like a turk, I cant imagine to play only with ruski and kebab in the same team.
Russia best country
The History, Culture and Army are OK, but really bad economy and education. Also big problems with the corruption and mafia. Not bad at all, but far away from Germany or Switzerland. Opps I forgot it,...
FAZE Sergej
man stop with this stupid memes. Ence is Tier 2 team like always, propably never be in top 3
FAZE Sergej
with Faze or Mouse he can play in Major and T1 tournaments and after 2 years izi in top 5 players.
4 players have total 22 kills and you have also 22 kills hahahaaha
sexiest team rn?
why so rude, wtf :D
CS GO > 1.6, CSS
There is no A-D-A-D factor in cs go, just hold ctrl and spray, the 1.6. movements was better. Its almost impossible in 1.6 to jump with scout or awp and get hs. CZ for example is no aim pistole, just ...
most overrated player of all time
Stewie 1Major >>> Simple + Niko+ Guardian + RAin 0 major :D