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Europe = Africa?
I dont like the people from Denmark, but they are right about "refugees". Why this 'men' dont fight for their cointries? Why?
wtf bulgaria
East education->>>> West education. Budapest in Bulgaria omfg.....
Berlin 1936 vs. Berlin Today
Where is the women, the old people and kids? They are not refugees. Go fight in your country stupid arabs.
flusha appreciation thread
2 Aces in 5 rounds.......
Guardian's curse
I fell so bad for him. He play so good in finals and always lose. ....
describe csgo with one word.
-karrigan +shox
Really nice idea. Atleast Shoxi has experience in the finals and sometimes he does good calls. Faze's IGL literally gifted the Major trophy of C9.
faze fix
- karrigan + fallen
I give up
Rain and Cold choked again. Karrigan just cant focus to call property in important rounds.
Karrigan biggest choker in CSGO history.
Just Rain and Niko were bad again and again in Final. They should destroyed C9. But NA's team played like a team.
The best final in cs Go History.
Poor guardian
Thats why Cold is better than Niko and fer>>Rain. I just cant understand , why this 2 Stars always so bad in finals?!? Guardian did everything, only because of him they won on Mirage. Olof also play...
+++100 Turkey gave food, home, money, work and citizenship for the people from Arabian countries and now we are suck. They dont want to work or learn our language. Just doing sh*ts. I mean atleast ...
Its gonna be easy for you to learn Turkish language. WE love Tafarel so the turks will be friendly with you.
Thats true :D Good luck with Ramazan and Hasan.