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most toxic player on faceit
Retards like you ruined already the game. You deserve to get_ban for 10000000 years. You think, that its funny, but it isn't.
Ban Poland in HLTV
They helped for the people from Ukraine, you are 100% ruski
Question for Germany
Is that true, that there is no more hartz 4 for the people with EU-citizenship ?
100 days without MM = The life is good :D
" also all my equipment survived" ahahhahaahahahah
Do you think coldzera will be top 10 this year?
Actually he won two T3 tournaments :D He has still chances to be in top 10. There is Major and some big tournaments, if he performs good, why not ?
1.6. movements > cs go 1.6 shooting > cs go 1.6. pistols > cs go 1.6. hit boxes > cs go GO graphics quality > 1.6 GO grenades > 1.6 GO toxic community > 1.6
Thoorin called us Retards
He is 100% right. 80 % of Hl tv users are retarted. I do not like him , but most of the time, he is saying the true!
0 turkish liras = 0 euros
" 5 minutes, 5 minutes " al sana 5 dakika. İsrail ve ABD’ye karşı koyarsan, sikerler. Ticaret "0", tehnoloji "0" bide üzerine 10 milyon suriyeli al.
0 turkish liras = 0 euros
Ironize ediyorum lan. Hepimiz sikildik, budur gerçek.
0 turkish liras = 0 euros
En azından tüm dünya ve hl tv bizim için konuşuyor :D
kebab price in your city
"0.00000" Because my cousin has Kebab restaurant.
I mean in professional sports. Why you have to waste your talant for stream? He could easily to be atleast top 10 player.
you are playing in pro- level or MM ?
Countries you respect
Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Russia.
cuz they are two faced. They always did shit for Turkey. If they have a chance, they always cheated us.