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Let's pray for Germany
Yes , all East Eu is with bad economy, thats why all the young ppl are working in Deutschland. No Germany = No job
I would like to see Greece , again under the Ottoman's regime. You almost destroyed the all EU and still talking. Lazy people, who just know, how to eat money from the banks and than don't try even t...
Uk was broken after the WW1 , cuz they bought a lot of weapons during this war and made them rich.
Actually Trump is also german, especially his hair.
Just a USA' s puppet. Murica created EU to control the situation against USSR and chosed Germany to be their state in Europe.
AleksiB & K0nfig
+Tabsen + Aleksi B is the solution and maybe - Ropz + S1mple.
Historian books= Joke
In his school there is no English, he is learning german language, which is better for him.
Historian books= Joke
WE have no foreign languages in Turkey. Only rich kiddos can get good "London" teachers.
Calling someone "retarded", who live where is located the problem and tell the truth. Yes I have to admit, that Turkey will have big problems without the tourists from Uk. THey boost atleast our econ...
Iam not againts you man, don't worry. I am just pissed to see, some 16 y.o. kiddos, who has 0 idea about the situation, but still keep posting stupid things.
Bolsonaro thread
It's hard to fight againts them, because USa - CIA are the biggest drug dealer. I want Bolsonaro to kill atleast the "small fishes". He is a little bit psycho, but he loves his country and people.
Bolsonaro thread
Man I follow sometimes the sitiations about Brazil, especially Bolsonaro. His idea to kill all drug Bosses is really good. He must clean Brazil from the criminal organisations and than izi T1 country.
Putin 200 IQ
He seems like Jesus, who get_muslum.
Putin 200 IQ
Man he is ex - KGB agent, I guess it is impossible to be in the russian secrets organisations with low Iq.
Putin 200 IQ
What is Jame, chechen , avar or ? The russian population is really interesting for me. SO Stalin was Georgian or ? Do you like Khabib Nurgamedinov ?