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imperial tier 1
Omg this kid Despacito destroyed everything :D
Russia 20+
Its gonna be perfect if valve create servers for 10 -15, 15-20 , 22 +years old.
Football for poor people lol xD
yea you have also driver like Mikka, who also won the F1, but Kimmi like skill level is one of the best F1 drivers , he deserved atleast 5 titles in F1, but always got the shit cars.....
Football for poor people lol xD
Finns are good only in hockey and suicide+drinking. Can add also Formula 1, bacause of Raikonen. The players of Germany were not poor and still good and won the EU + World cups, same with Spanish nati...
girl problem...
izi question. Just go with some euros and the new Iphone in some night club and rekt them. If you have some Mercedes (for example CLS 2008) park it close to some school or university. THey will push y...
girl problem...
Just start some SPort or go to gym every day. You can also try some travels and try to f*ck some chicks and izi 4 u.
Predict WC Winner..
Most of them will support SK in IStanbul. WE respect them, because they started from "0" and became the top 1 team with 2 Majors.
TACO what a guy, he did the all sh*t job in SK and made Coldzera top1. Now we can see actually how good is he, single handly beated Faze in dust 2.
fnatics best move
" he could become a dev1ce 2.0". He can, but never will be like him. Device has no skills or aim like Simple, but he plays like robot, 90% of the time he does the important kills and almost impossible...
-neo +izakooo = FIX VP
Nice bait man, reall nice :D Can I comment 22000 Matches and learnd the smokes and enjoy in VP. Wtf is wrong with you, really ? hahahhahahaha
-happy_2_majors >>>>>_Niko + Xantares + Oscar + Guardian+ Simple = 0 Major
Guardian is the most consistent awper of all time. He hasn't flick shoots like KennyS or Fallen, but he does always impact kills in important matches.
Ronaldo has '0' talant, but he works really hard for it, thats why i prefer him to MEssi. If he just had the 10% the talant of Zidan or MEssi, he would be the greatest of all time. What a legend 33 y...
the SK era
You are not even funny! Talk something about CS GO! I dont care what is your education. "Geez" propably some religion thing, never heard this one. One more time : Please, comment the match. If you don...