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wmgc will destroy SS
tu movigebt tamashebs bolo 4 gunds achveneben albat :D clanelma manaxa es posti da imito shemovedi :d
wmgc will destroy SS
turqebs davtynavt!
Who supports kng?
what did he do wrong? explain plzz_Z_Z_Z_Z_z
GeT_RiGhT retire
pyth future?
pyth is very bad player, they wouldn't add him in any t-1 team :)
87-0 to 0-87
Dude, you're answering your question yourself. Why NiP hasn't a main awper? Because of choking of pyth and missing 1000x easy kills like yesterday Vs. Cloud9. Friberg can't be consistant, he shouldn't...
87-0 to 0-87
According your logic NIP has no awper because pyth sucks so hard. Get a consistant awper like Maikelele for example, you will see better nip. Friberg is entry-fragger he can't be on the top of scorebo...
87-0 to 0-87
I strongly believe that pyth is a problem... Let us accept the truth that after joining pyth in NiP, this team began choking so hard. Even with Maikelele, the stand-in time while pyth had injuries, ...
-freq 75 on Windows10
If you read the thread, I'm asking to help using 75hz in cs:go, 60Hz or 75Hz is same on desktop, it doesnt matter, You won't see the difference, but ingame the difference is easy to observe. w10 is...
-freq 75 on Windows10
+, only 1600x1200 allows 75Hz on my monitor. Try it If your PC is ok, untill you find the solution
I'm using Palm Grip, guess Ec2-A is best for my style
Yep, I was using sensei, it fits great to my hand, but I'm looking for a little bit smaller one, I guess ZOWIE Ec-2 is the best choice. Also I'm not playing with Claw Grip. Clicks must be easy to pre...
NBK and Miss Rage
Well n2
Wenton stupid?
He will give up after kicking from fnatic, but he will have the history for his children. "Sit down sweetie, now I'll tell you a story how I was playing in the best team in the world, fnatic'' ...