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S1mple 1v9
the team destroyer strikes again
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Na'Vi on nuke = OMEGALUL since 1.6 https://www.hltv.org/stats/teams/map/34/4608/Natus%20Vincere
Liquid vs SK
Wouldn't change shit if TACO had 30 frags, SK would still lose. Don't understand how they still choose inferno over train. Like every single tournament now they'll have to veto train and play inferno,...
Liquid vs SK
And the push through the smoke in the end, lmao. TACO going through the smoke alone, dying to nades without doing anything
SK after Katowice
+fnx is the only possible fix
Liquid vs SK
Don't know how SK still gets these odds against Liquid. Liquid's map pool is like the worst possible for SK, no wonder they're 12-8 against them
Liquid vs SK
6. SK removed Train again choosing inferno. rip
Isurus vs INTZ
Some args said Isurus threw the last match, that there was no way INTZ could beat them. Hahahah what a joke. It's obvious these teams are at least even. INTZ have way more potential
Rain no doubt #1 world
haHAA I'm 12 yo haHAA I think I'm cool haHAA with these 0/8 bait threads haHAA on hltv haHAA
kNg beating FalleN and fnatic
I'll kiss you
kNg beating FalleN and fnatic
Should also post this video lul https://youtu.be/2RMKlgSGoZU
"cold is better than NiKo cos he has two majors"
He has much more tournaments than NiKo, not only two majors lmao. Also he doesn't choke, never went 0-3 on a major. Always beat NiKo in BO3s/BO5s. Anyway, winning tournaments isn't the only criteria. ...
FlipSid3 vs AVANGAR
#freeelectronic btw
Just got married!
At least you "stopped being retarded", I see some improvement