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-daps +nitr0
Sure he had good moments, but his bad moments far outweigh his good, it's not even close. And if his calling was better, the team as a whole would be better, a lot of the time it's bad calls + bad mid...
Liquid vs Gen.G
Of course this is the map/series stew decides to stop being an absolute bot...lmao.
FURIA vs Chaos
Kick voltage and get cooper, would be quite a bit better with cooper.
Gen.G vs Cloud9
That's because C9 are onliners, GenG has been sort of better online recently so we'll see. If this was on LAN, no chance for Online9.
Cloud9 have potential to get even better
Honestly, I'd much rather see floppy replace s0m, that way floppy can be on a team with an actual shot at LANs instead of being on an online team like C9.
Cloud9 have potential to get even better Only reason he's barely above average at DH is because VP was absolutely dreadful there and t...
Cloud9 have potential to get even better
They're only good online, barring floppy to an extent.
Cloud9 have potential to get even better
oSee is an onliner lmao, go look at the stats and you'll see.
Cloud9 have potential to get even better
What good are those stats when they can't win much even while online (they're onliners) and only 1-2 are actually good on LAN? when LAN comes back, they'll be nothing but a joke compared to online.
Vitality vs OG
Yikes, losing 16-4 without zywoo going ham and apEX as IGL? lol.....
Of course FURIA are complete bots on Inferno after that first map awful.
Looks like kng/fer ran out of their online form and have been back to their LAN form for a bit, maybe now they'll do something instead of doing nothing and keep going down.
shroud (mixer)
LOL "killed his career" he got tens of millions for the deal...with his prior earnings + he owns at least one house and this new deal he's set for life EASILY. He can retire tomorrow and be fine for t...
Cloud9 vs Renegades
C9 onliners
FURIA vs Syman
YES, 5 year contract bois! LOL, overrated garbage Furia, and people thought they were really a top 5 team or anywhere near that. Cya arT and ableJ "ABLEJ: "I THINK WE ARE ONE OF THE BEST TEAMS IN THE ...