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FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Lol, baited outside by a single smoke? Jesus....
FlipSid3 vs AVANGAR
F3 without electronic LuL - Also, seized LuL
Misfits vs Space Soldiers
Can't even beat SS? LOL, hilarious. Next time, don't get cocky because you curbstomped a bad F3 team without electronic...
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
What a joke really have no backup plan when "seek and destroy" doesn't work? LOL.
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
No strat whatsoever, just "peek and try and headshot" lmao, what a joke. The sad part is that it worked, too.
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
So this is what happens when niko/guardian are bots....interesting. They have no fallback plan when they're not hitting their shots lmao.
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Wtf did Na'Vi do during the bootcamp? they look just as awful as yesterday's first half...Jesus. Kick BOTWARD and possibly flamie and get two new good players.
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Great move hunt a mac-10 and drop a rifle to
G2 vs Flash
That CT side from Flash was horrid LOL.
G2 vs Flash
Yo NBK, how about that "crush them" you mentioned?
Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Yeah it is, but only if your star takes it, not the shitty IGL.
Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Why do bad players that are IGL's INSIST on taking the only gun in a solo force up...when you have S1MPLE on the team, or even electronic if s1mple isn't doing good at all, or even flamie. And Na'Vi i...
Rise Nation vs SoaR
Even though I don't want SoaR in EPL, I hope RN lose so they can go through MDL again lmao. dazzLe is too cocky.
He's bad to make it anywhere near a list of top 20 PLAYERS.
OpTic vs mousesports
Where was that at?