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Mythic vs Swole Patrol
How do you get a SINGLE KILL against mostly SMG's with 4 AK's? come on...
Mythic vs Swole Patrol
You gotta be really bad to go 12-3 -> 13-3 -> 13-16 lmao.
VG.Flash vs SCARZ Absolute
Trash teams vs Fragsters
VP is such garbage, how do they keep getting invites? HOW
eUnited vs Não Tem Como
NTC is such a bad team, GTFO.
mousesports vs G2
Tarik > snax B on Mirage.
mousesports vs G2
Impressed? what? they get by vs Na'Vi because s1mple is just an average pro that game, and edward is his normal self, it was even 4v5 since Ex6 was a fucking bot, and they also made smithzz look good ...
mousesports vs G2
That's my point? especially with Gambot? come on now.
mousesports vs G2
And people thought snax was back because he pooped all over (at least for a bit of first half) Gambot lmao, went from 13-3 or whatever to 19-15 against them too, HILARIOUS.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Terrible. You're so bad right now you're making smithzz look good...IN A 4v5 NO LESS LOL.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
This is Na'Vi when s1mple isn't a God, and edward isn't overperforming. Hell, it's pretty much 4v5 right now since Ex6 is a bot this game lol.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
And people were thinking Na'Vi looked good because G2 was meh at best on CT LOL.
NiP vs Cloud9
With only two players doing good as well, other three were just okay lol.
Japaleno vs OpTic
LOL that's pretty bad.
Japaleno vs OpTic
Has Japa ever played D2? so many times they had no clue where to look in clutches/retakes/etc. Do they even comm? just terrible all around.