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NRG vs Renegades
So you go from doing that to C9 on Inferno to being trash vs NRG? LUL
Luminosity vs Cloud9
I really hate how golden is trying to be stewie 2.0...soooo many matches I see him go through smokes and it hardly ever works out, and they were in a man advantage that round.
eUnited vs Cloud9
Acting like LG is good LOL
FaZe vs OpTic
Nice IGLing niko, congrats. Hope this team blows up and they all go their own way.
North vs OpTic
LOL gade pooping on his old team. I wonder how mad k0nfig is? and upgrade btw
Cloud9 vs Luminosity
God, the way LG plays is so bad, it's hilarious how much they rely on aim alone, their strats are pure ass.
Cloud9 vs eUnited
That's what he was on OG when he was one of NA's best players. And that's why I say get him off this team because the others are not good, -fugly +tim, easy upgrade and tim can go back to winning matc...
Cloud9 vs eUnited
Blow this roster up and save tim, he's literally wasting away on this team and he's taken a dip due to these shit rosters. Sad to see a top 10 player early on this year turned into this....and golden ...
Cloud9 vs eUnited
Cloud9 vs eUnited
This looks really bad still, and if the casters are serious or got accurate info...tim is T-side awp? just kill me now, wasting his rifling on T-side is so dumb. Blow this bad team up jack and let tim...
NRG vs Ghost
I'd be surprised if Ghost DIDN'T make LAN. So far I think MIBR/TL/NRG/Ghost is a sure thing, probably coL next, who knows with C9 and them online - we'll see later today.
NRG vs Ghost
ROFL that was hilarious yet awful at the same time.
NRG vs Ghost you not play with 10-sec music on? that was terrible. You won the round yet you wide peek when you saw him in the open there, come on now....he literally shot at you too.
Rogue vs Luminosity
Just disband LG, so damn bad.
Rogue vs Luminosity
LG is such garbage.