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FURIA vs Syman
YES, 5 year contract bois! LOL, overrated garbage Furia, and people thought they were really a top 5 team or anywhere near that. Cya arT and ableJ "ABLEJ: "I THINK WE ARE ONE OF THE BEST TEAMS IN THE ...
CR4ZY vs North
North is garbage, hope they get knocked out here so they realize valde isn't a good IGL, and valde himself realizes that, he's wasting away as IGL and on North. Too bad they can't really get knocked o...
mousesports vs Sprout
Hilarious how mouz is one map from being knocked out.
Furia is #7 right now, and you think they can't get top 10? lmao, once C9 has more time, C9 > Furia without a doubt.
FURIA vs Singularity
He is a bot, and when people say bot/etc they're talking about the pro level you moron.
FURIA vs Singularity
LOL requiring the bot vini to drop a 40 to barely win 16-11, incredible. Good thing that was vini's career-best map BY FAR and he'll never hit it again.
Happens when you lost 80% of your roster.
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
So boombl4 is just as terrible as edward, at least edward was more of a supportive element lol....
MIBR vs fnatic
I hope MIBR gets banged out in the next one with a similar or worse scoreline, so they give this up and cold goes to a good team.
Cloud9 vs New Identity
Pathetic. Losing to ID and on Nuke, and it being a crushing on T side? LOL wow.
Vitality vs North
Remember when jugi was good? did he just forget how to play? I don't get it. He literally pulled a koosta, but he was better than koosta was against better teams lmao.
MIBR vs Luminosity
And idiots thought MIBR was good because they had a few good maps at the Major and after lmao, they just overperformed, this team is done.
forZe vs OpTic
Tbf, it could just be a bad team situation, we've seen players "break out" after switching teams/IGL's, no clue why the fuck snappi AND MSL is on this team when jugi/cajun isn't, but eh. Bad managemen...
forZe vs OpTic
JuGi/CaJuN wAs ThE pRoBlEm, losing Mirage that badly vs fucking forZe LUL. And will probably lose this map too lmao, GL having both snappi AND MSL on a team, and taking out jugi/cajun. It's literally ...
Ghost vs iNTACT
Too bad, because they won't be without steel or someone just as good/near as good.