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fnatic vs Liquid
TL losing to fnatic in 2018 LuL
C9 and Autimatic
NAF can hit top 10 if he keeps playing this way, tim is 15 if he can continue this as well.
TyLoo vs Gambit
No they didn't, C9 was just sloppy AF and RUSH/tarik couldn't hit jack shit.
SK vs Astralis
Compared to the SK of before...yeah, they aren't looking good. Astralis isn't looking good either.
SK vs Astralis
SK is done ROFL, this is sad...
TyLoo vs Cloud9
This could've been such a stomp for C9 if they didn't have some of these dumb rounds, and it'd have been over already too.
TyLoo vs Cloud9
Triggered at dumb shit when there's no need?'d be 10-0 at least now, or bare minimum 8-2 if not for the second Hero play. You don't need to play at this level to know that those were dumb fuc...
TyLoo vs Cloud9
I am calm? it's just dumb to see dumb plays like that'd almost be over already if they didn't do dumb aggro plays for no reason other than to be a Hero, when there's no need for it.
TyLoo vs Cloud9
Good job Ska, you're the reason your team lost that first gun round. No reason to go aggro in mid like that rofl. Would be 5-0 if you fell off after that first kill.
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
What a pathetic T half..what does Zeus even do for them? it's been 3.5 months for this roster.
SLTV rigged
You mean the C9 that looked like shit that final? lol, whoever did the interview for C9 even mentioned it here saying they basically played like ass. vs Cloud9
You're fucking stupid and salty that VP got absolutely smashed, and it's not like C9 was incredible in the series LOL, they didn't even need to try.
C9 draws
It's always an off day when C9 beats a team like G2/SK/etc lmao, most pathetic excuse ever.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
It's because FaZe is trash this map, GuardiaN missing everything, and just the team as a whole being mediocre at best. Na'Vi didn't do anything to neutralize GuardiaN, and quite a few of their plays w...
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Why couldn't C9 play against this FaZe? rofl, would've easily beaten them on Inferno.