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I have been playing CS since 2002. Mostly nonsteam. 1.6 was and still is my fav game, I just dont play it anymore. Started CSGO in summer 2014. My first rank was MG 2, now I am Global.

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Valve sue VALORANT
if vulva doesnt care for csgo why should they care if somebody vaguely copies it
Build hottest team
seangares tom cruise edshot machin dosia sex god papito
yeah I kinda agree with stevie because he was considered good in FPL doing crazy stuff but when you put him in a team and real matches its a completely different thing... he shouldnt be in Liquid tbh....
10/10 games
fallout 1,2,3,4 diablo 1,2 w3 frozen throne half life cs 1.6 mafia 1,2 stalker
trilluxe 2 faced
german, so expected.. no wait, hes supposed to be cheating, not toxic... thats russians... well anyway
"super team" of your country
Guardian Styko zero frozen queztone
Styko 24 kills
Thing is, he usually plays average and from time to time he can shine with some plays... But the problem is mouz need a player ho plays above average all the time. He def made a lot of improvement sin...
Know that feel lol, even tho not as strong I guess. The only thing you can do in this situation is laugh aswell, appreciate some elses good joke and dont care too much about it. This is jealousy level...
Save one country other than yours
shit, thats actually pretty hard... If I was serious I prolly say Czech republic, but fuck it, for the small cute pussies I say Japan!!
fix teams
-styko +dennis would be pretty solid. Considering dennis has experience and skills aswell.
why styko is benched looool??
yeah legend status is something new for them now, but still I always felt that Styko doesnt belong there.. Hes an average player, not t1 material like someone here said already. So in adding Dennis, I...