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gay son vs whore daughter
my brother is gay, what is wrong with that?
norway prison system
It would easily work in USA, if they weren't corrupt and greedy, but you would have to change the entire infrastructure of the country, and that is sadly never going to happen. And again in Nordic cou...
norway prison system
I hope not, would be sad if you're not fakeflagging. :(
norway prison system
Well in Scandinavia at least, we have a little higher standards of living. :)
norway prison system
how is this living like a king hahahaha, it is proven that rehabilitation into society, is way better than just isolating them, you have to be dumb or American to think this is living like a king. :)
(+18) Best porn site? my doods, thx me after the wank.
glaive shots fired
rekt boi
glaive shots fired
Wow someone is toxic after getting raped by Ence :)
Rate GeT_RiGhT GF
Well 2000% better than what any of the beta males rating other peoples GF's will ever get.
well i have a friend who lost a lot of money on it, so i dont do it hahaha. in debt now and all.
Nr.1 lie everyone tells themselves. just watch out bro, it can easily go bad fast, talking from experience.
Dont bet as a child, you will get addicted and at some point lose a lot of money.
1st World 2nd World and 3rd World List
List is kinda trash, Greenland low income country, only way they are 1. world country is because we give them all their money.
free smooya
Smooya is just toxic, he does nothing good for the community, he deserves the ban until he knows how to not be a toxic kid.
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