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CIS Rising
low level? rofl,they would probably stomp you anytime. I've watch the game and they are not "LOW LEVEL". they are above average teams
Pro Players VAC ban
Pro Players VAC ban
When there will be a wave that will vac-ban BROLY then i might say "there's a hope" to clean the cheaters. Yet i still belive there's pros cheating
Fastest / most harmless way 2 derank?
Easy way: Get 100 accounts,pick 4 friends. Start a game,one of them abandon games and you guys surrender,repeat. in less than 1hour you will be probably silver
lurppis hltv account got hacked?
and virtus pro who have had their moments but could only really do something at ems katowice, and didnt come back to that form When i saw them at katowice i was like,oh my fucking good this is my...
new monitor
gg Ukraine again
It's ok my friend,why you think Murica keeps going to Moon? They are building a nice prison so they can move Russia to MOON ggwp.
Supremes, Global elites teammates
you just posted your link to see you have dragon lore ? pls
christmas gifts got one of these. gota love christmass
gg Ukraine again
pls ruble is gona dissapear =)
RpkTank.. need help
let me edit that for you "That's why source players need to cheat to be good on csgo" LOL
Overtime should be implemented in MM
my friends are lowbobs =D
Overtime should be implemented in MM
hahahahaha. i was thinking the same tbh
Overtime should be implemented in MM
Please,i don't wana play 2hours game while probably i have some retarded rusians in team that almost makes me quit life,YOURE TELLING ME THAT I SHOULD PLAY MORE THAN 30ROUNDS WITH THEM ? PLEASE NO!
You will LOL hard
why you reply to me ? delusional kid