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Brazil vs Colombia
copa america goooooooo
novas in LEM rank
+1, asked that several times to the ones getting boosted, no one gave me an answer, they just play embarrased carried by a ragehacker.
Who is NEO?
Okay mad bic boi
TOP users of HLTV?
Im an elite user. Keepo
Who is NEO?
Who is neo?, new fags won't understand. The best cs player the world ever watched on cs history. Just like pelé or messi.
NiP tier 2?
Some gold novas are just stupid af (plz hltv admins, no ban I dare you ok?), and it's imposible no to answer them. Could be a newfag as well, dunno. ty man!
First Round.exe v2
The first video it's 10 times better, I guess because it's the first time I watched stuff like this one. Like this as well. mm storys hahaha
NiP tier 2?
wat?, I wasn't talking about DHS and DHS isn't a major. DHW2k13 - final vs fnatic EMS one Katowice - final vs VP ESL one Cologne - final vs Fnatic DHW2k14 - final vs nV ESL one Katowice...
NiP tier 2?
They did it for the 5 majors on csgo's history, I won't be surprised if they made it to the sixth major final xd
NiP tier 2?
lmao why?
NiP tier 2?
You are talking like if Na'Vi and Fnatic are tier 5 teams, both of this line ups are top3 world with TSM lmao. Last time they made it to a final?, mlg aspen this year, asus roge on finland against ...
Smartest HLTV user?
A Canadian user, can't remember his nickname. Bananatugger or something like that if Im not mistaken.
+1 lol
Life changing movies
lmao, I used to play a ''hard game'' like this one when I was 10-12 as well with my friends.
HLTV tier 1 users
My other acc my friend *<:^), Ayrr. TriHard