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It's snowing?
In my nose :p
GamerLegion vs Virtus.pro
Michu vęgi snatchie taz pasha Michu vęgi snatchie taz dycha
Perfume experts come here
Lacoste white ( Lacoste Blanc)
Aristocracy vs SMASH
That's not right :) Csgo is No more that what it was. After the cheat shitstorm all changed tournaments starts to collect phones etc and after all that all legends starts losing it skill .... Flusha...
Forgotten pros?
Pasha xD
how i play cs
Iam higher but the fact is the game is destroyed....
how i play cs
Hello, what the hell the developer did with the game ... after one year pause i start the game and what the FU**... Iam playing CoD ??? nothing hits ..... Hitboxes are shit as fuck Soundbugs .......
about denis
They need gobb because igl tabsen is constant since years xantares is okay Tizian and Denis I don't k ow if they need them I think they can replace both :)
mousesports vs FaZe
This week :)
Aristocracy vs Valiance
Minise out Snatchie in And maybe it will work :)
Depression it's only missing of minerals :) go to a natural healer.
Fuck of tier It's all about brain
the top 10 countries are all fucking cold as fuck i never want to live there :D only netherlands and switzerland are okay and maybe canada uk is shit as fuck ... ireland sweden denmark norway all ...
Old orgs you miss
Mym, mtw, ocrana, alosers, team AMD
Virtus.pro vs Vitality
Neo is and was the problem.... I met them at cologne when they played soccer against sk.... The only one who looks demotivated arrogantly etc iam a fan of golden five and neo but when I saw him at col...