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i guess your iq
Football : Manchester United CS:GO : Ninjas in Pyjamas NBA : Don't watch but Chicago Bulls I guess Football : Messi CS:GO : Fan of f0rest since 2008 even though he's not the best, f0rest just for tha...
NIP undeserved
Don't be mad LUL
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
Try to have a civil conversation without insulting him, it doens't mean that if he doesn't agree with you means he's worth insulting.
Rekkles BibleThump
i calculate your IQ
i calculate your IQ
Manchester United 23
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
Could have made his point in a much more civilized way though, he acts so childish by doing that pose and doing all the face emojis ... Makes him lose any credibility whatsoever. And somebody should ...
i7 8700 / i7 8700K?
Doesn't really mean much in gaming though, makes a real diff. when it comes to heavy 3D workload, where the Ryzen is faster than the 8700k. But if you wanna save money an i5 8600k would do it for cs
Better luck next time ! Croatia was very good throughout the tourney, except for one or two matches, and Lovren+Vida were terrible today
Germany lost to South Korea OMEGALUL
France LUL
"The vast majority" where are the figures to back that up ?
GeForce GTX 1080
Wait for the next gen I guess, and anyway the 1080's price could go down thanks to the new 1180 or 2080 or whatever its name will be. Anyway, get ready to give some money to Nvidia
Yeah and then ? what's the point ? Are you watching the football game or judging the players ?
Nobody knew, they were the first seed of their group, don't act like everyone didn't know that.