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Evil Geniuses vs fnatic
they will suck so hard once volvo fixes this pathetic lowskill SG meta, this is gonna be hilarious
fnatic vs FURIA
cant wait to see couple teams after the fucking SG/AUG meta, thats just not cs and the skill ceiling is so low, pathetic by valve
mousesports vs m1x
there have been random amateur teams with basically no salary winning against professional top teams with salary and national players. happens every couple years in national cup competitions in footba...
Vitality vs mousesports
i think zywoo is a step further even tho he might be younger cuz he simply had to rush some steps with his team, if his growth didnt go so fast, Vitality would be trash for a long time. he was kinda f...
Vitality vs mousesports
imagine if frozen & woxic get a bit more experience and consistancy, mouz should easily win 2-0
Vitality vs mousesports
i like the moral of mouz after 0:7/2:10 and that crushing throw away on mirage, even if they lose now, that team got all the tools and chemistry, just needs to work on some details to finish maps like...
Vitality vs mousesports
momentum > everything mouz had them on lock on mirage, they just forgot to finish them. now they are fucked mentally and in a deep hole, probably 2 deep by now.
Vitality vs mousesports
mouz threw this early on CT, lucky that Vitality survived that.
Liquid vs Grayhound
anyone got the clip?
Faceit with 4 germans
you find these idiots with every nationality, sad but true.
Brehze top 5 2019?
[ ] good [ ] in debate of top 5 Elige is a very good player, but he is one of those players who gained so much trough that trashy meta where skillful AK/M4 players get the disadvantage. Skillwise AK...
Brehze top 5 2019?
let volvo nerf the crappy aug/sig and see how elige disappears again :D
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
You just repeated what I said which states that if a better team loses, its automatically worse than the winning team. So underdogs (worse team that its opponent) winning doesnt exist in your world. ...
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
So by your logic, the better team never lost a single game in all of sports. Solid thinking. :D
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
A win does not mean the winning team is better.