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compLexity vs MIBR
who is the caller for complexity? stanislaw?
FaZe vs mousesports
mouz is playing like on 50%, they dont look alright after the summer break, dunno whats going on. Could be incoming roster change even tho I would have liked to see the mouz core with Snax for a longe...
mousesports vs MIBR
mouz is still on the summer break it seems
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
been around since '99, so nice try, just didnt write on hltv f.e., which was a good time considering such comments
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
only 2 weeks playing with snax and they threw it away, give mouz 2 more weeks and they will win such a match :)
Espiranto arrogant?
he wanted to leave the team for several weeks as it seems, so this decision and the reasoning why are not sudden and therefore i believe that he meant everything exactly as he said it
Espiranto arrogant?
Overthinking might be one thing, but disrespecting own IGL aswell as opponents just shows lack of sportsmanship and professional attitude. He seems to be wrong playing teamgames with his comments, his...
Espiranto arrogant?
new generation in a nutshell, having no respect and just want to play own yolo style cuz stats are more important than team success.
Top 5 right now
lol these posts, its pretty clear cut right now 1) astralis 2) FaZe 3) NaVi 4) mouz 5) currently open between mibr, liquid or fnatic, depending on ELEAGUE
gob b GOAT IGL
I gave you 2 examples, its not the full list but by not knowing that, you prove my point. Youre clueless and try to hide it behind profanity, insults and repeating yourself several times. Might work i...
gob b GOAT IGL
Your reading skills are far below average son, u failed massively with your "didnt win shit" stuff and I showed you which events in fact they won, 1 of them was the most important/biggest one aswell. ...
gob b GOAT IGL
You havent given any facts, just some claims which were proven wrong with actual valid information. [ ] can accept when confronted with arguments and facts [x] gets mad when confronted with argument...
gob b GOAT IGL
No it wasnt, the best era of 1.6 was clearly 2006-2008, that level of play from specifically these 3 teams have never been reached before or after so far, the game was mastered by them. And just acce...
gob b GOAT IGL
Your lower part is simply false. mouz was Top 3 for 2 years at the peak of 1.6 during 2006-2008 along fnatic and mTw where they won events as IEM Dubai and IEM World Finals f.e. and were constantly in...
gob b GOAT IGL
its simple a well known fact, no need to be mad cuz u got no arguments :) ive told you WHY gob is way better igl, pretty easy to understand for you and if you know history of their respective teams, ...