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Drum and Bass
dont know if posted already but this is my favorite dnb
Cheaters from the minor
dont think kunkka is cheating
10/10 books
eragon series (eragon, eldest, brisingr, inheritance)
f0rest new record holder?
actually 17:0 is infinity kda :P
sensei 310 user"?
ec1-a uses a 3310 sensor compared to 3360 of sensei 310 (which is better). the build quality of steelseries and zowie is both shit, probably the only thing better is the mousewheel@zowie (and yes i us...
sensei 310 user"?
what mouse is better and why?
ZeroGP vs MiDošli
you are correct my memory fails me.
ZeroGP vs MiDošli
i remember kid banning him from twc and yet rade still playing under a different alias `bark`. i also remember k1d telling me that rade admitted to him, the head organizer of TWC, that he has a vac ba...
ZeroGP vs MiDošli
7.7. Any player who was banned by Valve or have VAC-ban on record is restricted to play in any qualification; so how can rade play? oh sorry i mean raw aka RaDe
Forge vs MKERS
Forge vs MKERS
why dont gugli kimera sparker biohazard and stylah make a team?
best palm mice?
da mouse1 buttom starts to doubleclick with just normal use after 6 months - 1 year. never owned elite but have 4 DA at home and they all doubleclick starting from the first edition.
KlikTech vs Gux & Friends
when i was sitting alone, and playing my amiga at home
27" 240hz Monitor
the difference is really noticeable