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Chiefs vs Ground Zero
so ez for Chiefs
Liquid vs ex-Singularity
this one is handicap 322, Liquid will win 16-10 :>
Movistar Riders vs OFFSET
what's unlucky about being simply worse team?
Ground Zero vs Grayhound
HLTV go home :D
Dear Poland...
he is baiting you like a little child and you can't see it *facepalm*
paiN vs W7M
what the fuck are you talking about??? he checked toxic, then slided, then put his crosshair on the opponent and did not shoot for 1,5 sec more of the same:
paiN vs W7M
so you always keep your crosshair on the opponent and not shoot? it was 1,5 sec of not shooting on purpose
paiN vs W7M
just look that that clip and tell me it's not fixed:
paiN vs W7M
2 paiN players just spotted a guy on A site behind the box and instead of keeping their crosshairs on him they both turned around for no reason letting him kill them in the back xD hahahahahh xD
paiN vs W7M
paiN suddenly losing stupid rounds like 3v1 just so W7M can win their map pick XD this shit is more fixed than presidential elections in Belarus = standard $800 brazilian tournament
ENCE vs forZe
ex-fragsters are forfeiting all their matches in past week, they will problably forfeit this one too btw I would never bet on them anyway
ENCE vs forZe
they are currently #4 team in the world, any #4 team in the world would get that kind of attention even in MDL matches
Zorka will win map 3 100%, just watch, odds on bookmakers sites don't lie
zorka is not even trying to hide that throw on map 2 xD