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Milan hires PAQUETÁ
lolll did you ever saw his skills ???
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
LOL, he isn't .... Gabigol is trash af
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
So should i trust in what are you saying, or in what i'm seeing ?? i gave you a lot of sources, and you ???
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
I'll reformulate then . should i trust in an renomed tabloide like The Sun or in know-it-all Coman ?? btw, HE IS a big sign, and u'll realize it soon
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
lollll, should i trust in an official milan blog, or in know-it-all Coman ?
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
lollll you're saying that milan isn't a big club ????????? even tho they're struggling the last years, they're surely a top EU team . Btw, Barcelona, Manchester City and United already attempted to si...
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
Vini jr could be good some day (idk) and rodrygo yeah, he is good but nothing special ... Paquetá is a level above everyone here in brazil, and will rekt in EU
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
lolll, paqueta >>>>> both of them
Milan hires PAQUETÁ
good af, since he is the gr8test brazilian revelation since neymar ...
Unbeatable LINEUP
-dupree and magisk
bolsonaro( reason not to vote for him)
no, he didn't started saying i'll never rape you cauz you not worth it, she started calling him a rapist (for no reason), and he done that. and she threatened to slap him on the face, and he said if s...
Luminosity vs INTZ
ez 4 lg
Unbeatable LINEUP
loll, how could u compare a two times top 1 and major mvp, with a random guy which did well only this year and play in the best team of the world ???