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Shuffles that need happen after Major
Sweden and NA definitely need a shuffle Poland, I guess it depends on their major performance I'd love to see n0thing replaced by someone like elige, but I doubt that'll happen
S1mple still toxic
Being upset over something that you're passionate about =/= Being toxic
Happy Birthday cyx
rip cyx, happy birthday :(
SK to be punished by discuting strats in tech pause
It's not an unrevealed percentage. They're getting fined 1% of their winnings which will then be distributed among the other teams
G2 +ScreaM +RpK
Nah, apex is incredible important to the team and NBK is good as well. ScreaM and RPK have their moments, but it'd definitely be a downgrade
Astralis vs FaZe
ez for astralis
God tier horror movies?
Not a huge fan of horror movies but The Exorcist was good
HLTV Classic Theme
This new design with nightmode looks nice, especially with hltv-wide
If NiP kick gtr, we riot.
Get right has been performing terribly, but the best move would definitely be to replace only friberg at first and see how it works out
29 isn't too bad
Somebody help!
NMD's are way better
How much FPS should I get ?
Your specs are great, probably 200-300 on max settings
Hobbies = school results?
eh, they're your parents and just want you to succeed. Try to respectfully deal with them now and you'll be free to do as you please in college
vikings > game of thrones
I could never get into Vikings whereas GOT is definitely my favorite show. But, to each their own