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Olof has been my favorite CS:GO player since 2013.
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niko ?
talk when your even close to that level.
Triumph vs Cloud9
i get that this is an "upset" but this c9 roster has yet to prove that they are actually a good roster. these casters are acting like triumph just beat fnatic or some shit.
how to get model gf
push-ups and pull-ups will get ur upper jacked if u your do them 4 days/week... make sure you take your push-ups slow and controlled so they have good impact. whatever starts to burn first (arms or ch...
how to get model gf
take the word "soon" out... CONSISTENCY is king...just keep exercising. your not gonna have a great workout everyday. Just get in there and do something.
how to get model gf
muscles... ive seen some fine girls with some straight jabroni's cause they have big upper body. Start pumping blood to your muscles so at least in a year or two your not scrawn anymore
Potato pc, games sugestion
download nintendo dolphin emulator + zelda
Top 10 IGLs
i think you need to win some big events (2+ at least) to even be considered.
Scared to meet gf I met online
destination fucked
Is 18 ”about 20”?
doesnt matter, your gonna be a dumbass until your at least 35, say what u want now, but IF you hit that mark youll know then
depends what type of lifter you are... some powerlifters find that frequency for their bench is better then volume. but thats more advanced material than someone who is struggling with basic training.
if your doing chest twice a week and not getting results its A. Your idea of training is like tickling balls. B. Your not giving yourself time to recover, so while you think your training your muscle ...