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Olof has been my favorite CS:GO player since 2013.
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Proper IGL for FAZE
i mean faze should just pick up steel... sounds ridiculous but clearly the dude still has the aim skillz.
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
not to mention as how shit of a tournament it was... I mean grats to liquid but if i was astralis i wouldnt even giva fuck
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
IMO NiP, fnatic, and Astralis are the only teams to have a dominating run. SK never won consistent tournaments back to back to back like these other teams have. SK would win one, lose one, win one, lo...
A real super team.
niko s1mple krimz gla1ve device
Best music video from your country
+1 great response
because Olof gets entry frags then dies, yet sets the team up for a round win. Guardian is in the 3v3 after the fact and so the camera is on him getting the easy frags after the bomb was planted. GG.
adreN Faze confirmed by pashaBiceps
lol thats great from pasha though. 10/10
Apple Sheep come here
you also don't know that apply was clearly dominant at first... so alot of people had iphones (like me) before switching to once seeing other options just as good.
Apple Sheep come here
i had to sign in just to tell you. you got rekt.
gla1ve to the WWE
Most iconic play in CS GO history?
smithzz and ex6tenz burning themselves at ivy train.
i'll r8 ur fave song
im convinced youve had more dick in your mouth then my mom
i'll r8 ur fave song
0/10 failed song ratings
i'll r8 ur fave song
at first you had minor respect for rating songs. now you have 0 respect. first off you didnt listen to any build up, even if it was a 3 minute song, that fact that you trust a dude in the comments to ...