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Tarik Omegalul
I mean if you apply literal usage of fluke when talking CS then it's a pointless phrase since no win in the history of CS was ever won purely out of luck.
Tarik Omegalul
un-expected as in an underdog outperforming a better team, yeah i count that as somewhat luck too, as it depends somewhat on the opponents form and preparation as well as your own. Right, so we've es...
Tarik Omegalul
We've already established that I consider unlikely team form and un-expected wins to be a form of "luck" element within CS if it's not replicated or has any prior showing to it. You take both "luck" ...
Tarik Omegalul
My main issue is just that the type of luck you're describing just isn't possible when describing an entire tournament run, it barely even qualifies as just for just a map CS outside of jump noscopin...
Tarik Omegalul
Outside of that one coldzera round on mirage that allowed them to comeback 15-15 and winning OT after already being down a map and win a semi-final vs. Liquid at MLG 2016, I can't think of a single ot...
Tarik Omegalul
Right so you're not really arguing that C9 run isn't a fluke, you're just arguing that the word "Fluke" doesn't work, or shouldn't be applied to CS then. Because if unlikely performances, unexpected a...
Tarik Omegalul
You are 100% a C9 fanboy lmao, don't even try to deny it Also nobody in the eu actually cares about NA vs EU. that's just you cunts clinging onto any achievement ever claimed from your region because...
FAZE wont shut down
FaZe won't shut down, but they will probably look towards selling the CS team or selling certain players (if they legally can, at worst those contracts could just be void) and letting others go. CS ...
The most annoying HLTV user?
i dont read usernames, but i notice how this topic has different names every 2 months so i assume you all get banned eventually
Jah being dead is amazing
Tarik Omegalul
Fluke is an un-expected win versus an opponent they should not beat and normally does not beat, and not being able to replicate the same results after. C9 were a dark horse for Boston that much is tr...
Lem and unsatisfied
the satisfaction comes from progressing. Progressing from Gold Nova 1 to MG1 gives more satisfaction than being hardstuck at LEM or endlessly playing at GE
I'm done watching "pro" CS
stopped reading at 4.
Oh how I wish MLG would host another major