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Dennis role ?
idk what happened, dude used to be so king, from dennisBEAST to dennisBOT :(
never vaccinated?
oh yeah for sure, you'll notice they often dabble in the same type of shit as well, their main thing might be flat earth or whatever but they dabble in anti-vaxxing or hollow moon theories or any othe...
never vaccinated?
It's the Matrix syndrome. Everyone who lives a dull and boring life wants to be Neo aka "the one". They wanna be the guy who sees through the facade because they can't believe their life is actually...
NRG BYE BYE :) :) :)
Their cited source seems legit to me: https://www.nrk.no/norge/forsvaret_-over-160-sier-de-har-blitt-voldtatt-eller-forsokt-voldtatt-det-siste-aret-1.14432362
Some Norwegians might argue about this but NRK which is cited as their main source is a decently credible source, at least when it comes to stuff like this. They get some flak because they're a natio...
maybe they win because they try to win by any means instead of being salty washed up losers who live in the past
Most forgotten player
I mean they didn't sign him so I doubt he impressed them in any way.
Most forgotten player
Yeah seems he just straight up quit after he didn't get picked up by fnatic, he did try out for the Norwegian LGB lineup but he was pretty bad by then.
Most forgotten player
oh yeah i thought that was in 2014 and online, but on the lineup listed in liquipedia it says they had devilwalk so was he just stand-in for 1 game? and ye stinger played for fnatic but that was whe...
I thought there was until i realized i hadnt been banned since the layout change, they really dont tell you anymore? Before it would literally just say you got banned for this post "nt monkey" ban exp...
If Astralis doesn't win this major...
name checks out
RIP dupreehs dad
Rest in peace, that's rough. I thought in his Valve mini-documentary his dad had beaten cancer a few years ago? Relapse I guess?
Your ancestors
Your ancestors wouldn't be able to grasp current day struggles because they were so localized they wouldn't even understand your political beliefs or views. I'm all for respecting the people who have...
Most forgotten player
we are talking 1 online game in 2014 and 1 online game in 2015, not months of being a stand-in. That hardly counts as "playing for fnatic".