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i rate rap songs
i guess your IQ
sex: male age: 23 contry: Norway do yo like dogs?: ye 2+2*2: 6 do you like Fnatic?: I liked the pronax version in retrospect. but the dennis lineup was really fun to watch at the time until they colla...
"almost made it to the final in Cologne" "they fell... 2nd place" ok
CoD or CSGO?
This is not a circlejerk forum, take your shitty threads to reddit, nobody here gives a shit about this topic
Danes are way less cold than any other Nordic country from my experience (iceland not included cuz i know fuck all about them)
New C9
I think MDL or Advanced teams probably have offered him but he's probably too delusional to realize he has to go back to a lower level.
When you operate a service or sell a product within or accessible to a country, you are operating under that countrys law, digital or physical. If Valve were to contest the fine, it would be in a Bel...
Yeah I know, but Battlefront 2 is essentially the game that made several countries and states look at this seriously, even though they have ditched the entire system (basically because of backlash and...
Lootboxes got banned in Belgium and NL because of the bullshit with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and certain other games. Big thank you to EA.
fuck no
Nitr0 is kicked
nitr0 isn't a main awper and he's not a main IGL, dude has barely been doing this shit for a year give me a break, all he was known for before was rifling and being entry duo for elige. With that sai...
Girls that smoke
idk, really do not care either way.
Tarik leaving C9.
I'll comfortably say he was top 3 at that time, considering both kennyS and JW got absolutely fucked from the april 2015 update where it slowed down the awp movement. I'd say GuardiaN was #1 but Ska ...
UK lineups think practice is for losers and they dont even try because they're not fucking nerds lol!
FaZe vs BIG