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FaZe Fans Come Here
They switched out FeTiSh and literally won 5 lans that year, 3 of them being BO5 finals vs. Fnatic the best team of the entire year and 2 of them being BO3 final vs NiP and C9 which at the time were a...
FaZe Fans Come Here
You're clueless, they already built that mentality when they played with FeTiSh in dignitas before karrigan even got there.
I guess ur dick length
Cant deal death
Well then you should be glad you ain't me!
starting a new org
buy s1mple and just add 4 random CIS players. EZ stickermoney
FaZe k0nfig
I'm really not on board with the NiKo IGL thing, it's as if people forgot how his own strats just revolves around himself or he uses the ones his previous IGL's had and he runs out of ideas within a c...
They will probably destroy teams as well as it comes with the territory but i find being able to clutch out the hard games like this much more impressive.
It's the same way fnatic and SK would win games they weren't supposed to, it's composure that you only see consistently from the best of the best. If this new fnatic lineup keeps playing solid I thin...
Can someone end Astralis ERA?
Considering how little time this fnatic team has had, they could be a solid rival who could best them down the road. FaZe relies way too hard on individual skill imo, they have always been able to b...
Take the L buddy
Astralis vs fnatic
That's insane
Fake era
Already longer than "SK era" tho?
LDLC steal logo
Simple stickers can be nice imo
Can u still go pro with vac ban on account
Happy is vac banned in CSS. Doesn't matter as long as it's not a csgo vac ban
Astralis-Best CSGO team ever???
People are always gonna downplay a team that is currently making history. Back in fnatic era everyone fucking hated them and downplayed everything they did and said NiP was better. Astralis accomplis...