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Enchant Gloves - Kul Tiran Herbalism
combine 2 pro names
niko + NiKo = Niko
Japanese Age of Consent
from what i heard its 13 if the other partner is 13-17. 4 year difference rule
MVP of Faceit Major 2018
1700e on NIP !!!!!!!!!!!
if you're not trolling then it's probably best if you do lose it since you won't learn anything if you win, you'll just put the money on another team until you bankrupt
olofmeister legend
only player left who has made the playoffs of every major since Krimz went out in groups
SmithZz gonna 50 bomb trust
I imagine it stings a little extra considering Krimz has never gone out in groupstages of a major before, and Olofm is now the last person who has that streak going unless FaZe loses to G2 which is pl...
Most Iconic Org?
it's easily fnatic, it has been the most present org at a high level of CS for ages. SK gaming, compLexity, NiP and Na'Vi are solid mentions as well but Na'Vi was later than the rest and the others ...
Worst pain you ever felt
Well that testicle would eventually turn purple/green and die and so he would be left with one lonely ball not looking very impressive.
Worst pain you ever felt
dislocating my shoulder, done it about 40-50 times and unless im drunk it always feels like someone tore my fucking arm off.
cancer :(
Sometimes we get fake scares, he might have said that to make sure you did go to the doctor just in case, because if you don't and it IS cancer then you are truly fucked. Colon cancer is one of the m...
olof only player
same, that lineup was actually pretty decent
olof only player
with some of the lineups he's had it baffles me that Krimz still has it
Glad G2 is failing
> french > backstabber pick both