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scandinavia come here
Honestly just seems more tedious to talk to each other in somewhat similar languages because the conversation doesn't flow as well, like the exact same words have different meanings. Also I don't kno...
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nike,_Inc. both, first sentence.
If you're not calling out hypocrisy and it's just a statement with no intentions then your statement is pointless, yea people cry if they lose someone who is close to them. That is pretty obvious.
s1mple close to shox
what kind of fucking retard-logic is this? "This guy only looks good because he carries shit players through tournaments, give him some good teammates and he's gonna be average".
Why does it always look like someone punched boltz in each eye
Never heard of him but after listening to one of his songs I question how people put this shit on and actually thinks it's good. I mean i listen to some trash music but this shit is scraping the bucke...
SCALE 1-10
Smoked Weed?!
Couple times a year, maybe 10-15 times a year or smth. It's alright but it's overrated as fuck.
most fap in a day?
Mimichaela so hot !
its kind of just a one-way street from sweden to denmark from what I see. Danes don't rly give a shit
Teams you miss?
I'm probably the only one outside of some danes but I really liked the danish TSM lineup with cajunb & karrigan. Granted they mostly choked in semis and vs NiP but they had some good wins over fnatic.
Good-bye Assad
Time to invest in a mountain-bunker m8.
blood when i shit
Actually bowel cancer can cause blood in your stool. It's actually a very common reason why people with bowel cancer get to stage 4 is because they don't want to hit up the doctor and tell them "i am...
Snus online shop delivering to sweden.
Could be more common than I think, but Maine is also a very heavily related state when it comes to Scandinavian heritage which might explain why it might be accessible around there. It's not that I e...
Snus online shop delivering to sweden.
I just assume you didn't have it in the US? It's only popularized in Sweden and Norway anyways considering they're the only ones selling it legally in Europe.