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China blocks Twitch
They probably have another streaming platform that they promote, they do it with all the popular sites so they have their own equivalent.
Boycott RL
no quality replacement
marvel was definitely better to watch because there was a lot of humour involved. I see that they're trying to make DC films more fun now so I say they could be as good as Marvel ones soon.
snax is retarded?
Love how every VP member points out to the past. Like you cannot criticise how bad they play rn cause they were good some time ago x)
what u think?
Are you writing an essay or are you so bored ?
They have literally one good map, but that shows they are capable of having them which is nice.
Decoys Opinion
because decoy takes place of other nade. If you have to chose either flash or decoy, ofc you're gonna choose flash. Just more options.
Polish Death Camps
And so did Jews, what's the point ? Were those Jewish death camps as well ?
Polish Death Camps
Check how many families and villages got slaughtered because they were helping Jews. Then go and tell one of those that polish ppl slaughtered Jews.
Polish Death Camps
So did Jews, there are some bad ppl in every nation, still way more helped Jews. Read some books kid.
Polish/German Deathcamps (serious question)
Do you also call terrorists in your country Swedish ?
Liquid vs Torqued
4. Torqued picked Inferno ?????????????? gl with that xD
They are really emotional and friendly if you can communicate with them. I have more fun having 4 russians in team than most of other nations BUT I speak russian a little so that probably doesnt count...
only 1 vs tier 1 team so w/e vs FaZe
Damn, that was insane Wish I could see myself watching this game xD