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Logic tasks- math etc.
2. 50% 3. 15:00
AVANGAR vs North
dust2, inferno and whatever 3rd map they choose, 2-0 north
[18+] Is Computer Science overrated?
Ye, has to be bubble cause it skyrocketed lmao The truth is that dude writing this article is clueless. There is a huge demand for CS, much bigger than it was in 90s or early 2000. Basically every co...
is mouz out?!!!
RIP Paris
how are poles blaming anyone for anything rn ? or are you referring to few hltv kids? x)
Is Darwinism a Lie?
Yeah, dont really know what part made you think what I wrote contradicts it.
Is Darwinism a Lie?
Nope, evolution needs only reproduction. And even then, evolution could happen afterwards. What is more, Bible even describes something you could call evolution. God didnt just make ppl die max at the...
Is Darwinism a Lie?
How is darwinism death related ?
Is Darwinism a Lie?
Bible does not decline darwinism as far as I know.
rate PC?
wait a month, amd is crushing the cpu and gpu market in january, so even if you dont want an AMD product, intel and nvidia prices should still go down
Depending on settings 100-200 fps why not i5-8400 ? Same price and much faster. U r using old motherboard ? 2x4gb ram is better unless u want to upgrade later with next 8gb
Funny cause swiss has one of the highest car theft number in europe (few times nr 1). Get your facts straight, it's not 1990 anymore.
Parents take away WIFI
restart router to factory settings, google default password, ez
not true, a1 is better for long range with multiple angles - more accurate and you dont give up ur possition instantly. a4 is better on close quarters due to higher fire rate and more bullets
democraty is overrated
+1, most ppl are retarded, why would we want retarded ppl to decide for us