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North vs Astralis tomorrow ;D
Twistzz Most headshots 0.60/round
ex-dignitas to fc copenhagen confirmed?
Not really, i just like good cs go. And usa need more solid teams to build the scene stronger
ex-dignitas to fc copenhagen confirmed?
We can hope :D
ex-dignitas to fc copenhagen confirmed?
ex-dignitas to fc copenhagen confirmed?
Ment echofox and other mainstream teams/players that stated they would build a team and then recruited teams that diden´t work out
ex-dignitas to fc copenhagen confirmed?
The other "normal" sports teams will be getting showed how it is done if they sign dignitas. A good team from the start :D
NIP fanboys come here !!
Vp, Navi, Gambit, Flipside, Hellraisers, Ex-Dignitas and maybe Fnatic and Godsent. I just want good matches :D
Liquid shit
only one ? When i had it i did five , one quite larger then the other four :D
Get right dick!
Someone in the crowd shouted something rude and getright was responding to that person , or that is how i saw the "incident"
coldzera Most rounds with contribution 72.7%
How to buy pins?
i have tried it trice , no luck :(
Ultiamte Cloud9 lineup
More the org that hindered him to build his own brand , and being restricted in some ways i think he said
Malmö bad place.
Also alot of that % is from the 90:s when alot of refugees from the former jugoslavia arrived here , most of wich is integrated into society so the numbers get real big if you take it like that. Its n...
Fallen rekt sweden
Hey kebab is one of the best imports Sweden has ever seen. Better that then german saurkraut ;) And better then polish sausage :)
Anyone that work as hard as LG has , and improve after every setback they encounter deserves to succeed and win. But right now i think they are the hungriest and hardest workers. Will be inter...