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Finnish hockey
Well in modern world people care more about football ;) Sweden without Ibragypsovich is nothing ;)
Finnish hockey
Finns suck
Well I doubt crimean people have dream to comeback to Ukraine... They chose Russia
What's happening in Turkey!?!
Turkey is soon new nazi germany. First are europeans and russians to get rekt
Canadian kids are STUPID
stfu knoopiq
Fallen knife
1$ is too little for me
Fallen knife
stfu fangay, he is cheating scum
coldzera best player in the world confirmed by olofmeister
But coldzera says that olofmeister is the best player in the world. You all know why
Bulgaria best football nation ?
You are so mad. Means my baits are ez
Bulgaria best football nation ?
yea so you don't see them walking in centres of your cities begging for money, stealing. They all look dirty and ugly. Kinda parasites
Bulgaria best football nation ?
Lmao you got rekt and you are braindead because you got brainwashed with your bulgarian TV. Russkies are always ez at propaganda
Bulgaria best football nation ?
Look man: everything that is connected with USA or Europe is well organised, well developed etc. Life is good and sucessful. everything that is connected with russia/ussr is backward. Look: russia, be...
Bulgaria best football nation ?
I'm just a troller. You guys got easily baited :DDDDDDD
Bulgaria best football nation ?
and because of living near them you bulgarians became the same. 3rd worlders who live in poor life because of their government and that's why stealing
Bulgaria best football nation ?
Lel learn 2 read. I wrote it is government's fault