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Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire
zeus is trash and he takes the ak in a dumb forcebuy nice nice idiot player
NAVI VS QBF player vac banned???
iirc only if the vac is from csgo isnt it? and its from 3+ years ago.
Do you think Dr Disrespect will come back?
i think thats exactly what he should have done but without telling everyone what he did in the first place. he should have just said he was taking personal time and then come back when he was ready
US visas
the people making the decisions on whether or not to let them in likely have no idea what cs or even esports is. they'l just think its some bullshit reason to get into the states and then not leave.
US visas
Remove nuke ffs
not everyone on hltv is a troll dude some of us actually have an interest in real world issues. dont see how that is cringe. ill tell you what is kind of cringe though, your life.
Remove nuke ffs
there were a lot of political talks about everyone giving up nukes but countries like the US will never give up theirs, and North Korea have said they wouldn't give up theirs unless the US did first....
would love to have seen his pov and known why he decided to solo push lobby at 15-14
is trump a good president
If he actually spoke about it being good for murica then his dumb supporters would get behind it too. instead he opposed it because he is retarded and made himself and the US look bad
Why I hate SK.
shouldn't tar them all with the same brush but yeah it is like 3/4 brazilian sk fans are just autists.
should be ashamed of yourself tbh
FaZe vs SK
love an underdog story this gon' be gud go faze
Misfits vs NiP
lol what is going on this tournament. how can nip lose to this team
G2 vs Renegades
really clever and original comment. glad you could add some insight and theory to this argument.