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G2 vs Renegades
If happy wasn't a trash baiter I would agree -nbk +happy vs NiP
this should be interesting. who would have thought 2 years ago that these teams would be facing eachother just to stay in a tournament after losing to a newly formed c9 and a t2 french squad
FaZe doesn't deserve a spot in ESL One New York
bo1 on nuke which has always been a great map for nip regardless of 2 new players. xizt gtr and forest know that map like the back of their hand and faze has probably done very little, if anything in ...
R8 My Crush
im gonna give you a few pieces of advice and i hope you take them seriously. im 29 and ive been through all of this kind of stuff and i am also in the process of changing my lifestyle for the better. ...
but he isn't muslim, or gay. and im sure there are plenty of people both muslim & gay. but unless they live in the west they just get executed.
the UK
you can clearly see the officer has her arm around the man at the start of the clip. was just a bit of fun. there is still apparently an investigation underway though because of how much this video ha...
Got a blowjob
Lol. And grats Bro. I remember my first blowy. Feels good man. Tell you what's better though. 69
Boring Day
ok so grab a netflix free trial and watch loads of shit on there or something. play some of the games you've bought in steam sales that you never installed. anything that doesnt relate to cs
Banned for what?
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Boring Day
hahahhaha. but yeah seriously its the middle of summer, after a recent major. lot of teams take this time to have a break and so we get downtime like this. take the time to do the same as the team...
Gambit vs Immortals
im not saying immortals are bad and yes vp has had poor form lately but they still usually play a lot better on lan and particularly home soil.
Gambit vs Immortals
gambit have been at last 3 majors iirc and they always play good cs. shouldn't come as a complete shock they have made it this far now. immortals i didnt expect to be facing them in the final but i th...
Fnatic after the major
exactly. your english understanding is just fine my friend.
Fnatic after the major
by 'all in' they mean they are giving this their best shot and if it doesn't work they have to change something. when you 'all in' you put everything and if you don't win you're done.