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Cheating situation
For real it's not trust factor, I see heaps of accounts with shallow friends lists, low-medium hours (0-1k), I'm fairly sure there are websites supplying prime accounts for $20 or less. I also think t...
Cheating situation
Prime is a piss poor excuse for promoting fair, legitimate gaming. Can you imagine if you had to create a profile using proper ID to create a gaming account, similar to if you were to open a bank acco...
Cheating situation
If you really want I can link the last few games I've had so you can view the shit storm. Perhaps in Finland the community is different, here in Australia everyone has big dick ego's and cheat for day...
Cheating situation
No dude, try solo Qing that rank. It's very hard to consistently get good enough teammates to run it up, not to mention there is an abundance of cheating going on at that rank also. The rank isn't the...
OpTic vs Renegades
Lol, bro. An awper having trouble on the worst awp map in the game. Good one.
Renegades +/- 2
Source ? Why would he join JDM...they're both awpers ?
NiPs best era
you are calling KennyS, ScreaM, and a bunch of notable pros LEMs. Sure the game was more basic, but it's like comparing tennis from 1960 to 2018, or any sport for that matter from years ago to now. Ev...
NiPs best era
Yeah, I feel that enemies were easier to track movement and see too. Less crap everywhere and more basic textures
Astralis vs NiP
scoreboard is wrong - lekr0 was on 55 at one point, then for some reason his kills got reset to 50 :/
MiTH vs BOOT-d[S]
14-9 , two fully invest in scouts, 2 deagles with no armor and $1700, and a guy on a usp. Then instead of saving, the CTs stare at eachother, herpaderp and offer themselves like lambs to a slaughter. ...
Honestly I think this will be like watching a pug. I think Trident win but maybe pass.
MC Roster change. -2 / +2. Also historically MC have a very poor win/loss and I believe lost 12+ in a row months back.
Dynasty vs anime savants
So proud of JTR, he's come a long way since his cheating ban on his old account.
Renegades vs SCARZ Absolute
I've seen some tilting shit before when I've bet...but that whiff on that CZ point blank was just the most vomit shit I've ever seen. Scarz Absolute Trash.
Legacy vs Chiefs
I had bet on Legacy, at 9-2 I knew if they didn't convert to minimum 12 T rounds they would struggle. This map particularly in our scene is very T sided, people seem to struggle CT. I believe this is ...