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G2 vs North
It was actually 8-3 to North at one point...pretty strange turnaround
Grats only problem is he repeeks into obvious lines way way too often, it’s like watching a bad habit that hasn’t improved since the days I used to scrim him. I still remember playing him on overpass ...
100 Thieves vs Astralis
Wtf am I watching
100 Thieves vs Astralis
The clutch defuse to make it 14-14...why the fk does AZR start cheering and let himself die there? He could have killed device and taken a gun away, instead device glocks him through smoke and the ne...
Cloud9 vs Liquid
Did no one see the interview where Koosta said he couldn’t see them in a final or winning and the team looked so morally dead and defeated, there’s a storm brewing within c9, entire team is about to b...
Vitality vs Renegades
It feels like this is a combination of all of RNG players popping off and all of Vitality players sucking the D
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Guardian is so washed up, really it’s time so many of these older pros retired. He’s not horrible, but he’s peaked, he’s not going to get better.
Ancient vs SMASH
That was so poorly played by can hold angles to kill that last guy and if you miss fall and hold the next? What a disaster
pro100 vs Heretics
Look at the frags and ratings on dust2 , wtf?
m1x vs NiP
Sinnopsy seems super legit.
m1x vs NiP
Honestly, until these guys prove a thing on lan they are suspicious as hell. Not buying some of these peeks, in general they ignore a lot of angles and are prepared for an engagement only when they ne...
Liquid vs Renegades
Liquids T side is pure pug style, running through smokes and pretty much hoping the CTs are light on A. If RNG played more forward positions at A could really cut this down.
Liquid vs Renegades
It’s the logic on these forums, people don’t really post for conversations, just dribble most of the time. Sad really, could have some pretty good convos about these matches, this one will should be a... vs Heretics
Trying to rationalise why you would walk outers after throwing 2 smokes and a Molotov? Just get to lowers and win the round...suspicious honestly, no team can be this brain dead
Renegades vs ATK
no bias, JKS honestly could be on any top5 team. Would love to see him in a team like Navi