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How ZywOo can be top 1 this year
i cba typing same thing over and over that u dont even read or prefer to stick to ur own made up opinion we are talking about different things im pretty sure
2021 top1. Zywoo/s1mple
yeah if u erase first 9 months of 2021 from ur memory
How ZywOo can be top 1 this year
my original point was that mvps from big events (u can see tiers of events and how hltv weights them on top 20 players article: bronze, silver and golden) are rated equally whether its online or lan d...
How ZywOo can be top 1 this year
dude we dont even know who will be at iem winter and u're saying its bigger than blast premiere that happened in january, dh masters spring and esl pro league? or iem fall which is an EU rmr like what
How ZywOo can be top 1 this year
read again, lan was evaluated much higher because it was katowice, biggest event of the year
How ZywOo can be top 1 this year
Ur delusional if u think it matters if the event was Lan or online for mvps and stats. The only metrics are scale and attendance, obviously Katowice or cologne counts more than iem fall or random star...
VALVE tweet
Bruh csgo twitter is so wack, people in charge of the game are genuinely clueless, absolute 0 creativity and haven't done anything cool since forever
5 Things to Improve your LIFE!
Nofap won't improve ur life if u still sit at home or dont interact with people in general. it's a result of nolifer lifestyle, not a cause
iPhone 13
I like the rear look of it with cameras and stuff but front notch just ruins it for me, 2017 phone design in nearly 2022
What is your clan tag in CSGO?
So he's essentially device of valorant
10 min of bots warmup*