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Vitality luckiest organisation?
Only blind people didn't know about zywoo when he was playing in tier3, and it was obvious that he would become great
m0nesay ukrainian pog
bruh how is he 84.. imagine in football some academy prospect gets into main team and instantly 84 on fifa, he'd be 69
Top 20 Players of All Time With Reasoning
3. niko 4. zywoo 9. ropz - 3 times in top20 - best place #7 11. olof - 2x major winner, best player of 2015 12. electronic - 1x major winner, IGS, 4 times in top20 - worst place #7 20. Twistzz - IGS, ...
best "awper knife"
man i guess we are not the same hahah
best "awper knife"
imo qq looks ugly, but if u pull out and inspect its good. S tier knife for riflers but i dont like awping with it
Eternal Fire vs 1WIN
what positions flamie was playing? i hope not b anchor
best "awper knife"
flip because when u do a quick qq ( or 3 1 ) after awp shot it doesnt flash knife pull out animation for few frames like every single knife out there does, this just smoothes out playstyle so much + t...
Video: sh1ro - MVP of Funspark ULTI 2021 Finals
i didnt watch any of that online t2 event but judging by this video he was good
Top 20 Players of All Time With Reasoning
and this is how ignorant and delusional can someone be, crazy
Best player in every role
What are u trying to prove, I watch Navi games and whenever boomich is dead electronic goes first. Also wtf is "roles" anyways, csgo is a situational game
Best player in every role
He has very high entry attempts, also Niko had highest attempts in g2. Common for superstar riflers to go in first when they are confident
Games you play instead of CS:GO
Path of exile Valorant
Best player in every role
Awper: s1mple Star rifler: Niko Entry fragger: electronic Support: perfecto Lurker: hobbit IGL: nafany P.s I wish Niko could speak russian, him elec and s1mple in a same team wouldn't lose a single m...
HLTV top 21-23
funny cuz last year mir played more playoff matches at big events than frozen did, spirit had some runs / mouz were dogshit all year