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10/10 books
everybody is saying read: 1984 by George Orwell. but instead everybody should read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. and think about if huxley was right and not orwell (i think its a mixture of both...
do they really want the people to riot? to then bring marshal-law?
Romania WTF ???
you can find this even in the "greatest of all places" the united states of america. people in vegas living in the flood tunnels under and around the city.
Madrassa School AMA
so killing people who break gods law or spreading fitnah is totaly okay for you? stoning woman who break the law is ok for you? tell me.. what do you do with men who get close with other ...
VID:juliano got knifed 3 times
they did nothing impressive... or "decent" as you want to prove in this thread.. everything you say screams: "i dont know shit about csgo" maybe its not the majority of the people in this thread...
coincidence? i dont think so.
and here we go again.... the next clone for the e-entertainment or massdistraction weapon.
Quattro formaggi ?
i actually dont like quadro. :( idk why... i like every kind of cheese of it... but as a pizza i dont like it.
drakens dad
which means that he has no problem paying a good private cheatcoder to code some nice undetected hacks for him. :) e-sports should be called e-entertainment (it has more in common with wrestlin...
Quattro formaggi ?
maybe you should complain with dominos then? and not here blaming eu because an american company dont know how to put enough cheese on a pizza? but your probably to scared to tell them they dont ha...
supex0 PART 2
i love that feminist say that i can force woman to have sex with me without touching her or force her to do it. just by making her "feeling like she must have sex with me" with things i say or with c...
supex0 PART 2
yeah because they would go to jail and their lifes would be fucked outside of csgo because we all know how impactful your cs carrer is on your reallife. why would valve make an entertainment sh...
supex0 PART 2
guys there are no cheats in csgo professional scene. supex0 was the only cheatcoder and his cheats got busted. back in the kqly days. today there is not a single cheater in the pro scene. becaus...