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ViTaLiTy WiThOuT ZyWoO aRe TrAsH
I agree that Vitality is not only Zywoo but basing this on 1 event after 5 maps played that is still just in group stage is mental. I've been impressed with apex, NBK is solid and ALEX has been good...
ALEX is fine when he is IGLing, I think individually he needs to step up if Vitality want to become top3 team tough. RPK is the one I'd consider cutting for amanek/kio/etc, he is pretty inconsistent ...
VP is back?? .....Again?
Yea i don't think it will ever happen again, all the players are seperated anyways, so the current VP while they might improve right now a bit, they'll never be what the VP of old was. I started foll...
VP is back?? .....Again?
i miss plow vp
lucifer s4
https :// www2 . gowatchseries . co/ is a decent site, edited because hltv doesn't like links
Jame is a smart player, but i feel like he couldn't play the same style in NavI, he wouldn't be the main awper unless s1mple really wanted to rifle all the time. He would not have the same role where ...
s1mple luck
the biggest mistake was allu in that 2v1, for some reason he didn't continue to push s1mple even when xSeven was pushing at the correct time, instead he pulls out the pistol and hides ??? for some rea...
FaZe fix ??
keep core of guardian, niko and rain, add someone who can IGL and then the last one either a madfragger or support type player.
Major MVP
magisk or xyp deserve it so far, theyve been better in playoffs
i feel the game is more tactical than ever. teamwork and synergy are extremely important. i think even best teams had bad days in the past, there just was a bigger gap and nobody close to them to tak...
People are salty as always. Gambit and C9 won their majors when they were in great form, other more established teams didn't step up enough to beat them. If Astralis beat MIBR, they will still be huge...
The anime version is solid until episode 500+, after that it gets worse and worse. Even before that there's been some mediocre aspects and cheaper episodes, but after that the animation and pacing jus...
i don't mind the voice, i just find that he's not even making sense, just saying words a lot of the time. like one moment he will say one thing and then contradict that 2 minutes later like he forgot ...
kinda agreed and i say this as an ence fan. they still imo haven't reached their potential though, also i feel like their individuals have underperformed a bit so far this major. i do think they will...
Bad major?
c9 needs to remove rush, he has been washed up for a while now IMO.