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fnatic vs Grayhound
Ez for GH
G2 veto
It really doesn't matter what map they play, EZ4ENCE over these FR washups.
Anthony Davis
Because you mentioned record differentials as a means of stating that the difference between the eastern and western conference isn't the large, which is probably the most delusional statement when it...
Anthony Davis
You serious? You realize western teams predominately play western teams and vice versa? That's not even to mention the west has 2 teams with 21 wins or less. The east has 7 including 3/4 worst te...
Anthony Davis
Why are you making topics about the NBA when you don't understand how contracts or seasons work, rofl
Anthony Davis
What people are forgetting is that AD doesn't need to be traded before the deadline next Thursday, the ONLY team in contention to do so before then is LAL and it's already been publicly stated by NO t...
Anthony Davis
You dumb? Half of a season = this season + next season = 1.5 seasons /facepalm
Anthony Davis
You make it seem like LeBron has played in the west at the age of 35 his entire career. This isn't 2011 Miami Heat LBJ playing joker east teams night in and night out. It's a different game now and ...
Gimme your games TOP3
myb 1 - Goldeneye 2 - FFIX 3 - Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Anthony Davis
Zion, if they get him.
Anthony Davis
AD's contract ends at the end of 2020, alo?
Anthony Davis
Being a contender right now means what? Who finishes 2nd behind GS? There is a reason why everyone is bandwagoning onto "superteams" right now. LA is a contender? 9th place in the West is contending?...
Gimme your games TOP3
1 - 1.6 2 - TBC WoW 3 - FFIX or Chrono Trigger
Anthony Davis
It's like people forget that LeBron is gonna be 36 when AD's contract expires in a year and a half, lol. He's already less dominant, more injury prone and time doesn't slow down for anybody. Not even ...
Final Fantasy X
Ff9 best9