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NiP in pyjamas..
NiP has been so bad for so long I don't know how or why anyone harbors any hope for this team in any capacity. Even 13 year olds grow up at some point, don't they?
Looked pretty EZ tbh.
Navi or Faze better?
Who the fuck still cares about FaZe lol
Why do I actually believe this
Looks like their 5 minutes of fame is over. Funny how they were so high on themselves for having a winstreak during the most irrelevant time of the year, lol.
CSGO is dead
Hard to say CSGO is "dead" considering it is far and away the most popular and competitive FPS by country miles. CoD and OW have their own scrub-tier/console followings but CS will always be king. T...
Worst t1 cs scene?
Liquid won real major
Liquid got smacked so hard by Astralis it was pretty funny to watch. Astralis is basically the OG of CSGO, only bring their A game to the majors
This Berlin crowd is looking really scattered ... have most of the recent majors had this shitty of a turnout? It's kind of depressing.
Stewie2k Hate
Anyone who says stewie or any player for that matter, is toxic to the scene for talking shit, is a pussy who never played sports or had friends growing up.
Forest Can't Retire
There are other positions in CS that he can transition to at this stage of his life. He's 30+ and not getting any younger, just had his first kid and is well past the prime of his playing career. Th...
NiP vs North
North got a pretty rough draw with a red hot Vitality and a talented young mouz team + bottigan. NiP has a pretty rough draw because all their players are washed up. North should win because NiP is ...
fxy0 was a nutty fragger back in the day. Still remember when he got banned and we all thought they would all be unbanned in 6mo - 1yr, lol.
Playing with 3 bots Neo, rain and olofbot is taxing on anyone.