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FaZe JasonR
Valorant is a spawning ground for every washed up player in CSGO from Hiko to Happy to ScreaM the HuMaN HeaDSHot
That might be true but what individual attributes does Magisk have that would lend him to be a better leader than Xyp? Not flaming just curious
Really surprising to me that Xyp isn't taking the interim IGL role since he's always been a patient, cerebral player.
I don't think tabs is underrated if you've been watching CSGO for more than a couple years. He's always been given his credit by the players/casters and recognized as their best player for years.
Project A haters: why?
CS variant with tons of live service store options that only cost hundreds of dollars + female heroes like Mercy and Lifeline so grills can support their men in battle. Looks better than Fortnite or ...
-apex +Scream
I think the ScreaM "they know me for my 1taps" commercial ruined his career
NIP is dead
With f0rest and GTR they were trash for 5+ years. Get over it
NiP in pyjamas..
NiP has been so bad for so long I don't know how or why anyone harbors any hope for this team in any capacity. Even 13 year olds grow up at some point, don't they?
Looked pretty EZ tbh.
Navi or Faze better?
Who the fuck still cares about FaZe lol
Why do I actually believe this
Looks like their 5 minutes of fame is over. Funny how they were so high on themselves for having a winstreak during the most irrelevant time of the year, lol.
CSGO is dead
Hard to say CSGO is "dead" considering it is far and away the most popular and competitive FPS by country miles. CoD and OW have their own scrub-tier/console followings but CS will always be king. T...