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no sure, fuck the cs scene, only wanna people from murrica to watch that lan ofcourse.
Fix list for stuttering, fps drops, freezes
pls... after this new operation my fps drops to 30-50 fps, (170 normally) and stays there for 5 min.. and goes back to normal for a few minutes.
motar2k at IEM Katowice 2015
because they need valve to back them up first.. which they prob will seing how much money they make from these majors...
Should smokes be nerfed? or T only?
i agree on that smokes kinda kills some of it, but make them buyable only for t's might be too much ;)
NiP skill lowered
playing 3 weeks with new team member yet comes to final... yeah -maikelelele +eksem
No more Majors in Sweden
so.. IF im a manchester united fan, im obvious gonna cheer for manchester city.. Kappa
-Thoorin +Lurppis
He agrees with kids? pretty sure he has he's own opinion on this matter crushader...
Do you feel like this will happen again ?
How will it make them look stupid? fnatic themself filed a complain aswell, u imbecil.
-Thoorin +Lurppis
thooring not gonna say anything, he will just be fired agian... and ure stupid if u think its possible with so many aim locks as flusha... Ill give u my hole inventory if u find a another player wi...
the key point about this pixelwalking
OP thinks cs is real life, where u also can stand on eachother while firing sniper rifles. ;)
the key point about this pixelwalking btw. sure it aint pixelwalking SURE.
the key point about this pixelwalking
yeah nip doing it, but not fucking everyround and breaking the fucking map. You're even more stupid to defend fnatic, if they knew for 2 months and even said to a guy that posted it long time ago, to ...
the key point about this pixelwalking You're stupid, look at this, in (hammer) if u even know what that is.. there is no edge to stand on, so just stop.