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How to get money if 13yo
mow someones lawn, shovel snow. ask your parents if they have anything they need done around the house. If you clean your house regularly I'm sure theyd be willing to pay you.
Smurfing is dirty
I actually lost my rank on my main(took the month off) to play with a friend i haven't been able to play with for over 1k hours. :( sad now ill have to take another month off or just buy a smurf.
Mouse for CSGO
im on zowie fk1 love it.
Envy vs fnatic
screw it im going to bed.
Are we all made equally?
Congratulations bond, you saved the world again.
Are we all made equally?
gravity is also just a theory. I dont think you understand what a theory is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyN2RhbhiEU
Legshot replay
leg shot does 85 damage. has 86 damage. who said it does 99 damage?
your ingame resolution and why
2550x1440 because im a badass.
Capping FPS on CSGO
some say they feel smoother when they cap their fps at the lowest typical point(excluding random 30 fps stutters). I dont notice a difference in typical rounds tho
MM ranks??
Silver I! I DID IT!!
I like when people troll. its mm, dont take it so seriously.
Silver I! I DID IT!!
dont know if you tried to derank on smurf recently but aparently some things changed in ranks and its really easy to derank now.
Glock fire system like Revolver?
Its not a bad idea. but really the toggle system is fine.
If +700 fps, post your PC specs
fx 6300 r9 380 4gb 4gb of ram on a map with nothing in it. 800 fps. totally true.
joke confirmed stolen by me.