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iBP to CLG?
It is true. It's c9, NiP and virtus atm. But CLG > NiP and VP lol
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iBUYPOWER vs eLevate
Actually I like this line up but i'd love to see: steel hiko tarik anger nitr0
EG, your move !
hmmmm, dazed there? hahahaha, nice try m8
CLG Hiko?
Lol? best individual "free agents" players out there, americans of course. why not? it would be way better than ibp i can guarantee u that
CLG Hiko?
I know, but are you saying that that team wouldn't be one of the best? ol
CLG Hiko?
Well, it might happen. I forgot about CLG coming to CS:GO anyways: steel Hiko NAF-FLY anger [100%] adreN / tarik that would be the best line up for CLG.
Torqued new roster PLS
But he will, I mean. he lost his motivation... we all saw him playing the last tournaments, he's playing like shit tho :| and I can see that he's tired
Torqued new roster PLS
i'd like to see that actually but to be honest? he's going to retire :p, he will be streaming full time, sad but true
Torqued new roster PLS
desi? desi sucks balls dud
Summit1g to A51
sure, summit please keep streaming for ur own good
Area 51 vs Mythic
hahahahahahahahaha "summit is good" they said, fuck off.
Summit1g to A51
He has fanbase because he is a streamer, that is all. But regarding playing counter strike, he's not even good at all. I can name atleast a few guys 10x better than him. But we will see, xd
Summit1g to A51
who cares? he is not even good lol
Thorin Top 10 - 13th December
Well, first of all you can't judge NiP. Any one will never reach their goals or archivements or whatever you wanna call, that's the truth. I mean lets be honest, they had bad games nice so what? I rem...