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wow corbyn is so useless he can't even beat a weak May. xaxaxa hard brexit at full speed !
Do you think women should have important jobs?
women voting was the beginning of the end of civilisation. [*] all the great works of men.
i think modern life has a way of making people crazy. some people can only find peace in a path that does not conform to the values of the wider society. but i don't judge him cuz i think he was since...
Greek scene
404 never found.
human greed/ego?
hopefully this year
UK come here
we're not crying about a good enough deal. we just want to leave NOW. it's the MPs who keep trying to keep things the same and drag things on for long to try to change the public's mind. LET. US. LE...
UK come here
its stupid. they made a deal that isn't even as good as what david cameron asked for before the referendum. ofc the UK will say no. what idiot would accept that vote? brexit in name only. the peopl...
UK come here
can't wait till brexit day :)))))) party day
UK come here
look like pikeys
hi dazed if u are reading this u are the only one on twitch i respect GoDaZeD!!!!
dazed on dating show rn
dazed talking about smacking the shit out of women i love this guy
dazed on dating show rn
DaZeD wooooo
debate me fakkots
wow you're thick. i've already illustrated that the problem exists ALREADY. the growing population only exacerbates the problem. even if it stopped growing today we would still be living unsustainabl...
Soooooo...What is a "leftist"
china is not leftist. china is closer to a capitalist police state. it is state capitalism.