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rightist best argument
xaxaxa expected.
rightist best argument
educate yourself: more events lis...
it was the players, not the manager. even solskjaer won't deny it now. :DDDDD shame MOU haters. primadonna millennial players are the problem. don't question this mind!
post aged well LUL.
Most intense football moment for you?
i don't like tiki-taka. it is not offensive, it is defensive. keep the ball to stop the enemy from hurting you. i think it's a pussy philosophy. but people hyped barca up so much for a long time becau...
Most intense football moment for you?
chelsea vs barcelona CL 2012 semi finals when Torres scored the winning goal in extra time after playing with 10 men and defending for almost the whole game. unforgettable. inter vs barcelona CL 2010...
Climate Change - The Facts
it's a starting point. if you can't even get on board that shit agreement then there's no hope for anything better.
hltv is for dumb people
probably just thorin's alt. srsly u guys if u are suicidal. if rlewis and thorin can find the strength to wake up and go on each and every day. then you have nothing to complain about.
Alabama abortion law
right beliefs, wrong methods.
Detective Pikachu
in china, all the players say china numba wan.
my biggest holdings are property, transportation and insurance companies.
Do or Die situation [GIRL PROB]
no chance my friend, no chance.
Detective Pikachu
"The PC-ness is so painful. It's definitely a movie made in 2019. The heroes are a black kid and a white girl? tick. The seemingly good white man at the start of the movie actually turns out to be s...