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Serving in military
no i'm not. i just like russia more than the real evil empire.
man utd recruitment has been fucked up last few seasons. so many players bought for the first team that they don't even want or are shit. rojo, blind, herrera, shaw, lindelof, darmian etc. mourinho ...
if you think alex ferguson is coming back you are high
Serving in military
more like for lines on a map or for money and resources... you're just a pawn to be sent out...
Serving in military
oh brother... i just hope you come to your senses before you get blown up by a df-26 half a world away in the middle of nowhere for some unfathomable reason.
no that is everywhere else hltv forum = education nest
Serving in military
i respect people who serve in my country's military. to be a soldier for uncle sam is hilarious though. like being a stormtrooper for darth vader. imagine dying and not knowing (((who))) pulls your s...
are russians smart?
not any more rigged than the german election where merkel was never not going to be re-elected for her 1000th term as fuhrer. westerners have their head up their ass
Any friends of spicy food?
spicy food is healthy. speeds up your metabolism (burns fat) and boosts the immune system
are russians smart?
one door closes, another door opens. china-russian relations are at their highest ever rn.
are russians smart?
they are smart cuz they are forging a path that is not reliant on submission to the agenda of western countries. 6 more years means greater independence and strength.
navalny told his supporters not to vote so ofc it's gonna be easy for putin and ofc his vote percentage will be greater.
PUTIN 2018
it would've been more exciting if navalny had run. i suppose it's his own fault cuz he told his supporters not to vote for any candidate instead of telling them to vote for someone else.. it was more...
Turkish and Turkic WORLD
he was from a mongol bloodline/clan. his father was a mongol noble... and uzbekistan (they are like macedonians their hero was different race to them) was under mongol rule when he was born. he saw hi...
lol'd at refugees
"if you don't like it, you can git out" is not a choice and everywhere you have to pay taxes anyway. nothing is free. you don't even understand the concept of free. everything i receive is something ...