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America so two-faced.
i swear people on hltv are stupid. ur the 2nd guy today. THE BIG RED FLAG.
America so two-faced. House of Saud admitting Kashoggi is dead! The truth is slowly starting to drip out.
HLTV Admins = Joke
i called weebs scum and i got banned
i swear to fuck i saw a vid of a guy jumping off a building and bouncing when he hit the concrete and it really brightened my day. cuz i laughed hard af when he bounced. people underestimate the litt...
anatolian "turks" = biggest fakers ever steal history of turkic tribes and from mongols. believe ergenekon and pretend to be descended from gokturks and come from Ordu-Baliq. LUL. come on admit the...
that's right i probably have more turkic genes than you do :DDDDDDDDDDDD real turks are more asiatic than fake anatolians.
nt stop LARPING as genghis, stavros.
are u actually blind sotiris?. i make my flag my flair so it's BIGGER for you to see.
why do turks call themselves turks when they are not even real turks? turkish = FAKE. real turks look like Gambit. entire country is fake!!! just anatolian greeks pretending to be turks.
Lost 1000€ in stocks AMA
(nsfw prolly) (just a prank dw.)
Lost 1000€ in stocks AMA
yes real men short
India's entries for Darwin's awards
i swear i see more third worldish type of things in india than brazil even though brazil is notorious. just youtube "indian swept waterfall" crazy vids.
Lost 1000€ in stocks AMA
also ur fault for investing on a peak. what a low.
The indian guy
bluddy barstard!!!!