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About me:

1st & last name: Amine Amraoui.
Founder of Algerian Pro Gaming community fan page.
CS:GO cell responsible of the information at ALFA GAME.

I've been playing Counter-Strike since the early age beginning by cs 1.6 then down to CS:GO & i was never a pro player.

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MIBR vs Viva Algeria
MIBR vs Viva Algeria
This has taken waaaaay too long......
MIBR vs Viva Algeria
The brazilians are more arrogant than what i thought wow Congratulations!
2 scandinavian girls decapitated in Morocco
Trust me you're the pathetic in here not him.
2 scandinavian girls decapitated in Morocco
Got deleted from Facebook following numerous reports and honestly have i been in your cohoes i wouldn't watch it because it's so violent.....
2 scandinavian girls decapitated in Morocco
Just because you know "3tay" doesn't make you a Morrocan ya wej terma.
european hikers killed in morocco
There are no such thing as ISIS in Algeria have your facts straight, we might have some terrorists groups left yes that's true but they're terribly weakened and unable to do any terror attack unlike f...
european hikers killed in morocco
Geography lol what is that?......
european hikers killed in morocco
+1 Finally someone who actually uses his brain.
2 scandinavian girls decapitated in Morocco
I saw that video just how sick these people are???? and Btw you should switch to your real flag.
NASR vs Fear the Reaper
UAE's political agenda are so obvious in their past matches....
porn site 18+
When you fap
Stop that shit and gow the fuck up.
Palestine and Israel
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nop, all what you want is to take over a country that is not yours using any and every mean to achieve that, if the Israelis are that human they will recently negotiated a peaceful ...
Palestine and Israel
1_My dick 2_Your brain Pick 1