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Major in Russia
Major in Russia
Daun? Where're u from? Musohransk? Come here and u'll see what am I talking about.
Major in Russia
Lmao, every 3rd in SPB/Moscow/Kazan etc. is Chinese or European. Yeah, they're still here even tho the WC is over. The Chinese is already a classic, they're always here xd
He's just a russophobe like all liberals in our country (prosto sto raz videl etogo dauna, on postoyanno pizdit na Rossiu). They always blame Putin, they don't understand the system of separation of p...
Your salary?
15k? Where're u from? Zalupinsk?
Western propaganda works as I can see ;) The USSR collapsed in the 90s, how can we be stronger? Our military production complex was in the ass. Now it's gaining in terms of exports/production. Hell ...
Our economy isn't in the best condition, I don't deny it dude. We are one of the largest suppliers of weapons and natural resources worldwide. But.. Equipment for nuclear complex, Financial service...
Lmao u're blind shit, open ur eyes, this ain't 90's..
All our potential allies (like China, Turkey, India + CIS/other BRICS countries etc. and etc.) are better than this "Golden Trinity" from Germany (ahaha Bundeswehr in 2018), UK and France. USA is an e...
Best sad/epic songs from ur country this one's sick, so fucking chill. Listen to the whole album Ssshhhiiittt! - "Remastered". Oh yeah, I'd also recommend this shit:
Russian holding "Safmar" bought their business.
ruski and ukrain come here
No hate to normal Ukrainians, that's a stereotype. I think that +-every Russian has relatives from Ukraine or just friends. This's a Russian-Ukrainian team, the flag is just a formality u know. Ther...
Nah, I respect him solely for his foreign policy. Dude, I'm aware of what's happening in the country and I know the heroes of the occasion.
I will praise his geopolitics until his death. In any case, all the shit that happens in Russia (domestic policy) isn't personally supervised by Putin. Many ppl don't know the constitutional princip...
HLTV veterans come here
Nu oni voobshe drugoe iz sebya predstavlyaut i mogut viset' hot' paru dnei na glavnoi str, a threads derjatsya tolko na aktivnosti. Ti mojesh napisat' ahueeno big post, no vsem budet nasrat' i on zate...