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Dimitrii hltv admin
OverDrive lol
Dimitrii hltv admin
Da nahui ti priebalsya, bratan. Ya prosto skazal, chto this's hltv - i flag nihuya ne znachit tut, ibo here dohuya fakeflaggerov i.e. ne obobshal konkretno pod nego.
Dimitrii hltv admin
I don't care, just saying. I sent him a message in translit. Well, will see.
Dimitrii hltv admin
The flag/name on hltv doesn't mean anything, waddup buddy xd
Dimitrii hltv admin
Are u sure he's Russian?
after your first sex
I was 16, I came to her home w/ wine and flowers (it 100% works). I ate a fucking banana 30-50 minutes before sex 'cause my friend said it'd help u not to cum for a long time lol (I wouldn't say it wo...
Best WC?
Are u retard? This's a fucking business, WAKE UP BUDDY!
Best WC?
Why so salty? Let's hold the WC in Germany every 4 fucking years ;)
Best WC?
There are tier-3 matches between tier-3 countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Panama, Senegal etc., that are not interesting to ppl + fewer fans in these countries, who cares. Europe is the birthplace o...
Best WC?
Nice try homebody. Millions of fans from all over the fucking world. Come to Russia and u'll see the real atmosphere etc.; This is the most expensive WC in history lol, so it can't be inferior to othe...
Russians come here
Hype af. Waiting for the foreigners in the pubs to show 'em how to drink ;)
Kak tam vashe EKB to, gotov? Kak infastruktura etc.? V SPB/Moscow tut begaut kak milen'kie i vse kosyaki zaglajivaut xd. Silno gorod preobrazilsya posle statusa "Hozyain" of WC? Interesno prosto kak t...
ruskis on faceit
Ukrainians don't speak Russian? Daun? How can u distinguish a Ukrainian from a Russian when he screams SUKA BLYAT'? Suka stop baiting, pidaras ebaniy xd
just broke up with gf
Same shit, we've been together for 2 goddamn years. But it's all my mistakes.. Adultery, chilling with friends (the lack of attention) etc.