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why u feel depressed?
weird enough your disease means nothing since youre already dead. I wouldnt give up myself if i still had some time. I would at least try to have the best time i could if i knew i was in a deadend sit...
why u feel depressed?
Well, i think you should think a little more. Each of those unsolvable problems you have, are they really unsolvable? Cant you really do anything about it? Are they even a problem at all? Are they tha...
why u feel depressed?
If you want to talk about it i can listen. Sometimes its good to let things out. I really doubt youre as dumb as you think you are. Plus being good at logic is not everything. I for example am good wi...
why u feel depressed?
Youre good at speaking english, at least writing in it, I can see that, youre definetly better than me. Thats already something. And well, youre useless based on what? And useless for what? For who? ...
why u feel depressed?
@edit give this wall of text a shot, it wont hurt as much as your life already does xd I promise you it will help Idk if you believe in god or afterlife, i dont. So i believe this life is all we have...
why u feel depressed?
if you say "i have no life" thats because theres something in a normal life that you dont have but you really want to. The videogames are not the problem, its a symptom of a bigger problem. If you thr...
why u feel depressed?
idk, he seems pretty bad lately, but woxic bit over the top for sure
2550 elo good or not
Youre not wrong, but your individual skill must be as good as the semipros before you try to play for a team. Otherwise its not even worth a try.
portugal worst cs nation
3rd-4th place twice
interesting, i will try it later
lmao, fuck those guys
looks like its not rare anymore. But yeah, its mostly just-made accounts, some of them doesnt have a community profile.
Smart People
im not even talking about those legit-mode cheaters, they were literally spinning around, aiming through the wall. Its really unbeliavable
Now I understand why everyone is bitching so much about it