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TYLOO vs Luminosity
obviously :^) or nah
wallet code scammer, go add him and call him a twat
you just got reked just go and hide ayy lmao
75€ on steam
1 month later from the ~27 of Decembre but yeah it´s weird to now have an autumn one
75€ on steam
Steam Autumn Sale should be in the next days :) around the 25-27 usually
75€ on steam
wait 2 days for the sale then think about buying something again :>
Win Skin if you name my AK
"Blue Waffle" is obviously the best name.. if you don´t know what that is go and google it :)
and you are aware that ISIS is indirectly funded by the US lmao keep on talking bullshit
RIP Germany
there´s a difference between anti-immigrant posts and racism,nationalism etc. stop spreading bullshit people
ISIS Starting WWIII?
@klutchh are you fucking retarded? ISIS is founded by the USA like Bin Laden,Hussein and many more.. Russia is by far the country who would not start a fight the US might try though.
awful effects, music meh
What bets for tonight?
"underdogs" mouz yeah lg definitely not imo Titan sucks for the most parts
What bets for tonight?
didn´t really watch much most likely only guardian tried to carry but it wasn´t enough. Guardian vs Mouz show or what happened there? :) and lg were kinda dream odds since it was an obvious 2:0 gz
What bets for tonight?
yeah ofc they could step up at any point but I don´t think that it is enough for a bo3 vs Navi (atleast it shouldn´t be enough in the normal case)
What bets for tonight?
mouz? bo3? i don´t think so. Liquid could also easily win and vp should also win
Any COD4 Promod Past Players?
bad troll is bad. [ITALIC]1/10[/ITALIC]