1. The humble can always ask for help, and they don't insist on everything being done their way.

2. They are quick to forgive others, difficult to offend, and content to wait on karma for vindication when they have been wronged.

3. They are patient and don't get frustrated with the weaknesses of others.

4. The humble person is a peacemaker. In fact, we need humility to maintain peace in our lives. Romans 12:16 (AMP) says, "Live in harmony with one another; do not be haughty…but readily adjust yourself to [people, things] and give yourselves to humble tasks. Never overestimate yourself."

5. A humble person knows when to be quiet. It's certainly not wrong to talk, but a humble person is comfortable allowing others to have center stage and doesn't feel the need to speak their mind in every situation.

6. A humble person sees their own weaknesses and can readily admit them. When we open up to others about ourselves, it can actually encourage and help them realize they're not the only ones who deal with things.

7. A humble person happily serves other people, and they don't do it to impress others.

8. A humble person is very thankful. This is one reason they're usually so happy. When we live with an attitude of gratitude, it releases joy and power into our lives.

9. A humble person has a tender conscience and is quick to repent.

10. A leader who is truly humble treats everyone with respect. How a leader treats people is the quickest way to find out their level of humility.

I am nothing of a humble person, but I will try my best to be one.


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Forum posts
Pro look alikes
JW - Karrigan ffs.
Maikelele can recreate what he has started
For me to be relevant people needs to care about if you leave or not, i do not think anyone even noticed whem he went away from the scene, or atleast didnt care.
Maikelele can recreate what he has started
He was kinda irrelevant in early CS:GO and I do not remember much about him from 1.6 either, he could have did great but never gave it enough.
Maikelele can recreate what he has started
Easy to forget, he is kinda irrelevant ^^
pubg or rainbow 6 seige??????
No, that game is pure shit.
R8 gf ass
Nah, they should fakeflag Jamaica.
R8 gf ass
I dont think so, nobody would ever fakeflag Ethiopia.
R8 gf ass
What kind of bluetooth gadgets exists in Ethiopia?! Like, are you bluetoothing a fucking rock?
R8 gf ass
>New things >Ethiopia You may only choose one of them.
CS 2014-2015
2013-2015 was so much better than the current state, I bearly play anymore. :(
R8 gf ass
Why the fuck would you ever have bluetooth on?!
Send Me Shit Skins:
He is a fan of lill pump though, seems legit that he might be stupid.
Inte en chans att du är 29 år gammal med den attityden, förresten betalar du mer än 12000 i skatt om du tjänar 40000 kr, speciellt om du är egenföretagare.
Sk second era overed?
+1 Impossible to argue with you, you will just insult and drag us down to your level and win the debate on experience.
Sk second era overed?
Nah, he has valid points and you just have insults since you know that he is right and you cant say anything clever agianst it.