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LDLC vs London Conspiracy
LDLC vs London Conspiracy
Actually I didn't know that. Thanks.
NiP vs Wolves
That is my prediction if you don't like don't read it, lol.. That team is nothing special.
CPH Wolves vs Natus Vincere
Na'Vi. vs. CW. CS Lounge odds(aprox.)- 65-35. Personal odds: 53% vs 47%. Map- Bo1 TBA Advised bet-Medium on Na'VI/ Low-High on CW Comment- Na'Vi is not in form at all lately at least judging fro...
LDLC vs London Conspiracy
LC. vs. LDLC. CS Lounge odds(aprox.)- 40-60. Personal odds: 47% vs 53%. Map- Bo1 TBA Advised bet- Low-High on LC/ Medium on LDLC Comment- LDLC isn't on there top form recently at least judging f...
HellRaisers vs Epsilon
HR. vs. Epsilon. CS Lounge odds(aprox.)- 65-35. Personal odds: 60% vs 40%. Map- Bo1 TBA Advised bet- Medium on HR/ Low-Medium on Epsilon Comment-HR have been boot camping a lot and when I say a ...
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
you are right... I go sleep.
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
OH MY GOD, would you please....
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
omg was only mentioned once and not in caps... OMG....
fnatic vs OverGaming
M8, don't steal my predictions.
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
Idk he was great, also Fxy0 did amazing job
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
Its Bo1, omg anything can happen in Bo1. Bad map, lost pistol round lost gun round after that. I dont ever put more than 65-35 on Bo1 games
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
well its Bo1, so anything can happen
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
I know the score, Idiot.
Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS
lol, if shox is under performance then 8/10