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Astralis vs NiP
astralis t-side LUL
Astralis vs NiP
expect nip to go up 1-0, remaining maps 50/50 but nip will win the series
Astralis vs NiP
and he has been sick and not been getting much sleep so i expect bot friberg to show up tonight going to need solid performances from f0rest/pyth/gtr
Astralis vs NiP
astralis barely in the top 10 while nip solid #1 ez 4 nip - nuke/cache/cobble/overpass=100% win for nip - mirage/dust2/train 50/50
girl problem
you should let her stroke your cock and see how it goes from there
NiP fix
nice bait
there is not a single team at ecs that qualified online that can contest sk, will be a boring event
Envy vs NiP
i agree, there was the slight chance nV could win today because of those reasons + it's online
Envy vs NiP
i would call it an upset
Envy vs NiP
how is nV expected to win on nuke?
NiP vs Envy
envyus and nuke? i would bet my house on this match lmao
Flusha from Tier 1 to 2.
i do think so yes, or maybe they should try trade flusha for friberg did you see his performance at iem oakland? would be a good trade and it would increase their chance at qualifying
Flusha from Tier 1 to 2.
i think flusha needs to contact his coder asap if they want a chance at qualifying
Flusha from Tier 1 to 2.
godsent being #17 in the hltv rankings is being very kind, i can name 20 teams better than them atm
Flusha from Tier 1 to 2.
still living in the past, just look at their performance since they went to godsent and we have yet to see no improvement they still lose to tier 2 teams on lan and struggle a lot against tier 1 te...